How to Use the CruiseMates Message Boards.


The trick to the next two items is to RIGHT-click on your mouse and to select "properties" to find out the URL of a webpage, or the location (on the web) of the picture, you want in your message.

To embed a .jpg or .gif picture right into your message:
The picture must already reside someplace on the Internet.
You can provide a link to it by enclosing the image within square brackets like this:

[img]location of your picture[/img]
Be sure to include the entire link, including the "http://"

Image Library -- LOTS of great images here!

[img][/img] Change the numbers in the date to match your sail date.

To add a link to your message:
URL's enclosed in [url] [/url] will be converted to links.
Enclose the URL inside a pair of square brackets, like this:

[url]your URL[/url]

Be sure to include the entire link, including the "http://"

To upload a picture with your post:
Just hit the browse button to locate the picture on your own computer, when you post your message it will get included automatically.