CruiseMate Advertising Opportunities

For Advertising Inquiries please contact: Fred Navas:   [email protected] ; Telephone: 310-280-4490

CruiseMates Cruise Agency Sponsorship Packages Our "CruiseMates Sponsorship Package" is the ideal advertising solution cruise agencies. It includes banner ads, email marketing, real-time bargain listings, and unlimited classified ads - all at one low monthly price. Reach the greatest number of readers possible with a single campaign: CruiseMates Sponsorships.

CruiseMates Cruise Line Sponsorship Packages CruiseMates' Cruise Line Sponsorship Package: Coordinate your cruise line's advertising to the content in CruiseMates. If the reader is researching your cruise line, do you want a banner from a competing cruise line dominating the page? No. You need your own message and a link to your web site there!   More details here.

Cruise Line Spotlights include a prominent banner on our front page and a "sub-site" within CruiseMates similar to a "pull-out" section in a magazine. Take a look at our Spotlight on Windstar Cruises!

Banner Ads: Banner ads appear at the top of nearly every CruiseMates page. Banner Ads can be either horizontal or vertical. We recently upgraded our banner selection to the largest industry standard sizes: All banners can be animated by .gif or flash.


728 x 90 Leaderboard

300x250 Billboards: On most editorial pages (articles) and message board pages. Plenty of visibility and room for your message.

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300 x 250

For Advertising Inquiries please contact: Fred Navas:   [email protected] ; Telephone: 310-280-4490

160 x 600
We also offer "Skyscraper" ads in the wider 160x600 size. These appear in the message boards and almost every editorial page.

For Advertising Inquiries please contact: Fred Navas:   [email protected] ; Telephone: 310-280-4490

CruiseMates Banner Advertising Policies

Advertising prices are calculated on a CPM (Cost per thousand) basis. The minimum buy is 25,000 impressions per ad which means that for an ad priced at $10.00 CPM (for example. Some ads are less and some are more) the minimum buy is $250 per month. Normally, ads are placed on a "Run of Site" (ROS) basis which means that any ad can appear on any page at any time. Ads appear randomly but with a nearly equal count for each ad. If you desire to buy a specific area then a special rate card can be created for you.

CruiseMates has its own adserver or we can accomodate tags from outside ad servers. We can supply reports on the number of impressions and click-throughs your ad receives.

CruiseMates will create the ad for you or you can supply your own creative. We do not charge you for creating the ad. If you supply us with your own ad we reserve the right to limit the size of the file according to it size. As a general rule, we allow anything reasonable, but if it is too large we may ask you to make it smaller.

CruiseMates is advertising supported and we offer additional methods for you to contact potential clients including CruiseMates Sponsorships, Classified Ads and sponsoring our newsletters. Take a look at our Cruise Bargains page for some ideas on how we can work with you.

CruiseMates' policy toward travel agencies is that you may not solicit any CruiseMates readers, not directly, within Cruisemates message boards or chat, or via email without permission from CruiseMates. Please read our CruiseMates' Privacy Policy.

For Advertising Inquiries please contact: Fred Navas:   [email protected] ; Telephone: 310-280-4490

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