Oasis of the Seas at Night

| September 12, 2008

The next world's largest cruise ship will employ several new entertainment concepts.

With the debut of Celebrity Solstice in November 2008 a whole new generation of cruise ships will start presenting themselves to the cruising public. Following on the heels of Solstice are new ships from Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Lines. But the ultimate new ship on the horizon is the Oasis of the Seas from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Oasis will not only be the biggest cruise ship ever built, it contains several new design concepts sure to revolutionize our view of what the cruise experience can be.

This week, Royal Caribbean furthered its concept for "neighborhoods" for Oasis of the Seas in New York City with the introduction of its new concept for entertainment on the ship. The latest announcement is that Oasis will have several entertainment venues onboard, not just one main theater for shows meant to appeal to every passenger from eight to 80.

With this new generation of ships, exemplified by Oasis and the F3 class of ships from NCL, we are seeing the end of "one size fits all" style entertainment venues on cruise ships. Let's take a look at more details of the entertainment options for Oasis of the Seas announced this week.

Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, will have a groundbreaking approach to entertainment. No longer will one, single theater designed to hold almost the entire passenger load in a single seating, be the only production show entertainment venue on a cruise ship. Instead, there will be a variety of various similarly-sized entertainment venues running throughout the ship, some featuring high-tech productions at pre-set show times, and others appealing to more interactive audiences, such as dance clubs, comedy clubs and a jazz clubs.

Let's start by looking at the production show venues on Oasis of the Seas. There are three vastly different show venues on the ship, and different events will happen in these venues at different times.

  • Opal Theater: This will be the main indoor theater showroom for production style shows. But while Oasis carries almost 6000 passengers at full capacity, almost twice as many guests as the much smaller Voyager class, this theatre will only seat the same number of guests as the Voyager-class; 1,380. Opal Theater will feature a thrust stage and proscenium extending into the audience space for intimate and viewer interactive presentations. Entertainers will make their entrances from unexpected locations around the room, performing aerial acrobatics around and above the audience.
    Opal Theater
  • AquaTheater: this is the most innovative entertainment venue on Oasis. This outdoor water-based stage will feature professional stage productions based on Vegas-style shows Eau by Cirque D' Soleil and Le Reve at the extravagant new Wynn hotel on the strip. A passenger swimming pool by day, at night it becomes a spectacular water stage with moving platforms above and below water for professional water acrobatic productions featuring heart-pounding aerial and aquatic acrobatics, as well as elaborate fountain shows synchronized to music and lights.
    Aqua Theater - Aft end of Boardwalk
  • Studio B: Oasis will also have the unlikely-named ice rink for passenger ice skating by day and thrilling ice capade-style production shows at night. While these ice skating shows are already familiar to abyone who has sailed on a Roya; Caribbean mega-ship, if you haven't seen one of the shows then you haven't seen cruise ship entertainment.
    While the skating rink/showroom on the Freedom-class ships is larger than on the Voyager-class ships, no announcement was made as to whether the Oasis ice rink is bigger than the Freedom-class rink.

    The ship is styled in this way so everyone onboard will have a chance to attend each of the above venues at least once and see each show offered throughout the cruise. While the ship holds over 6000 guests at maximum capacity, each of the above venues can will accomdate only about one-third of the ship capacity at any one time.

    A logical way to look at it is like this; the main thetare and the ice rink are the same size as the Freedom-class ships, and since Oasis holds 1/3 more passengers, the solution was the addition of an extra show venue, AquaTheater, that will take on the additional 30% ship capacity any given night.

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