Oasis of the Seas at Night (part 3)

| September 12, 2008

The next world's largest cruise ship will employ several new entertainment concepts.

Naturally, if you have ever sailed on a Royal Caribbean mega-ship you know that a big part of the attraction is simply strolling around and seeing what is going on. Oasis will be the most entertaining ship for casual strolling ever built. The entire "Neighborhood" concept is built along this idea, and the neighborhoods on offer are diverse and engaging.

A stroll along the Royal Promenade is well known to Royal Caribbean cruisers. Oasis will have the most elaborate Royal Promenade yet, with various food and entertainment venues like Boleros Bar and Sorrentos Pizzeria as well as the Globe and Atlas Pub for English Ale and a crowd-pleasing guitar and vocals busker.

Royal Promenade with Decks 6 and 7 above, and Central Park (deck 8) through the glass

For more strolling, day or night, there is Central Park with real grass and trees and views through the skylights to the Royal Promenade below. At night Central Park will truly come alive with the stars above and Tivoli lights in the trees and bushes. Restaurants offering al fresco dining will punctuate sidewalks with benches.

Royal Promenade view from deck 6 with Central Park visible through the skylights above

Rising and falling between the two neighborhoods, Royal Promenade and Central Park, will be the "Rising Tide Bar", a moving watering hole that is a bar and a non-stop elevator spanning three open decks to left guests off and on at either level.

The Rising Tide Bar at rest in the Royal Promenade

While Deck 4 is known as "Entertainment Central," Deck 6 is nothing to sneeze at. At the aft end is the Boardwalk with its carousal, ice cream parlor, candy shops, donut shop, fortuneteller, Johnny Rockets and the Seafood Shack. The Boardwalk leads directly to the seating area for the AquaTheater pool area and stage, so it will also be magic day and night. But in what is a nice departure from all previous Royal Caribbean ships, the area directly forward of the Boardwalk is also a large strolling area overlooking the Royal Promenade a deck below, but also with three popular nightspots along the way; the Schooner Bar, Focus and the Diamond Club.

Mid-section views of the entertainment areas of Oasis: Deck 4 is Entertainment Central, Deck 5 is the Royal Promenade, and Deck 8 is Central park.

Deck 4 Deck 5 Deck 8
Summing Up Oasis at Night

All in all, Oasis will be by far the largest cruise ship yet built, some 30% larger than the world's current largest, and carrying almost 30% more passengers. But the layout of the ship is brilliant. It is firmly in the category of the next generation of cruise ships. The new generation features open spaces and variety. The usual activities and timetables have been all but eliminated in favor of flexibility in almost every known aspect of the cruise experience.

No longer will you automatically adjourn from the dinner table and walk to the main theater. You won't have to read the daily schedule to make sure you don't miss any one-time event. Instead, almost any night on the ship can begin with a stroll and you will likely run into something you really feel like doing - whether it is one of several production shows happening every night, or listening to jazz or comedy.

There are so many areas active each night that if you run into a crowd it is because either there is something really worth seeing, or you can go in a different direction and run into something else equally intriguing. Many other ships may claim this, but none of them will be able to promise it as confidently as Oasis of the Seas.

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