Before You Sail

From finding a terrific travel agent, to getting the best price, this section covers the myriad details necessary to landing the perfect cruise.
Cruise Packing for Men
A serious guide to what men need to take on a cruise, including a printable packing list.

Cruise Conceptions - Myths, Lies or the Truth?
by Tim Rubacky Many of the things non-cruisers believe about cruising are not exactly accurate
Five Surprises Found on Cruises
by Paul Motter Is a cruise is like an "all-inclusive vacation" with the added benefit of luxury travel, or the other way around?
Five Advantages of Cruise Vacations
by Paul Motter Here are several advantages Cruises offer over typical vacations that you probably never heard before.
SCUBA Cruising Guide
by Mike Keleher How to use regular cruise ships for exciting and exotic dive vacations - a special reader-submitted article for certified SCUBA enthusiasts.
The Truth About Single Cruising
by Paul Motter You can find romance on the high seas as long as your looking in all the right places.
Important Travel Lesson - Passports
by Paul Motter Your cruise can be denied for the simplest of reasons, like forgetting which pocket you placed your passport.
What is the Luxury Cruise Appeal?
by Paul Motter Why do some people happily pay higher cruise fares for inclusive options they may never use?
IMO Safety Recommendations
by Paul Motter Maritime Safety Committee agrees to Passenger Safety recommendations with Advice from CLIA
Three Way to Get Kicked Off a Cruise!
by Paul Motter New rules for cruise passengers come with absolutely no exceptions - and you need to know!
How to Pack for ANY Cruise
by Paul Motter Every week someone in our forums will ask "I am taking a cruise to [fill in the blank]. How should I pack?"
Savings on Shore Excursions!
by Paul Motter Well-established tour operator Viator has a new web site where cruise passengers can book shore excursions at a savings.
Seven Cruise Secrets You Need to Know
by Paul Motter Every cruiser wants to select the best ship for their own personal tastes.
Picking Your First Cruise Ship
by Paul Motter A guide to help first-time cruisers differentiate and select their first cruise line and ship.
Shore Excursions and Tours
by Paul Motter How to save money on shore tours and time in port during your cruise.
Saving Money During the Cruise
by Paul Motter The experienced CruiseMates cruisers tell us how to save money on shipboard charges during a cruise.
Cruise Ship Stateroom Selection
by Paul Motter How to get the best deals and the smoothest ride - location, size, amenities and number of beds.
Cruisin' U.S.A.
by Jason Leppert The unique laws and agreements that cruise lines must follow to operate within the United States.
How to Complain to a Cruise Line and Get Results
by Paul Motter A poll of our readers finds surprises in the most effective ways to get satisfaction for problems -- including financial compensation.
Cruising Misconceptions and Myths
People who have never cruised before usually have the same ideas - in most cases WRONG!  We address the most common misconceptions held by cruise virgins.
Understanding Cruise Costs
Cruises costs vary widely. What's included in the price? What's additional? Here's the breakdown.
What is a "Guaranteed Cabin?"
Does it simply mean you won't be sleeping outside on the deck?

  • Is Cruising For Me?
  • Cruising Misconceptions and Myths BOOKING THE CRUISE
  • Finding the Best Travel Agent
  • Where do I find the "Best Price?"
  • When Should I Book?
  • Pay with Plastic Options
  • Transportation Options CRUISE TIPS
  • Your First Cruise: What to Expect
  • Air/Sea Packages
  • Cabins - How Do I Pick One?
  • Picking an Itinerary
  • Pre- and Post-Cruise Stays
  • Understanding Cruise Costs
  • What is a "Guaranteed Cabin"?
  • Which Dining Time Is Best?
  • Recommended Articles