Superstar Chef Nobu to Sail on Crystal Cruise

| Wednesday, 29 Oct. 2014
The world-famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa will sail with Edie Rodriguez on the Crystal President's Cruise
Nobu fans who can’t get enough of Nobu’s miso black cod – and with a worldwide base, there are legions – mark your calendar and email your travel agent. Like now. These cruises sell out fast. Legendary chef Nobu Matsuhisa is sailing on a 13-day Crystal Serenity voyage from Lisbon to London, departing July 12, 2015. And this is no ordinary cruise. (Not that any Crystal cruise can be dubbed ordinary on this line.) It’s a Silver Anniversary celebration sail hosted by Crystal President and COO Edie Rodriguez.
Much is planned to make this cruise a foodie paradise. Nobu (like Cher or Angelina, he needs but one name) will host cooking demonstrations and book-signings. And he’ll participate in sake tastings with Sake Master Hazu. Knowing Nobu, I’m sure he will be amenable to conversations, photos – the usual celeb-onboard schmoozing with guests. Of course, his cuisine is always available in Crystal Serenity’s and Symphony’s Silk Road and The Sushi Bar, the onboard restaurant with which Nobu is affiliated. Indulging in his miso-marinated and broiled black cod (the dish that launched his career), salmon tartare with caviar, and so many other iconic plates onboard these six-star ships are always highlights. 
Now, if your pockets run deep, opt for more exclusive experiences during Nobu’s upcoming July sail. Serenity will offer two omakase (chef’s choice) dinners in Silk Road, with menus by Nobu. Toro (prized and pricey tuna belly), champagne, and rare special-crafted Hokusetsu Sake are part of the razzle-dazzle deal. (Hokusetsu is Nobu’s preferred sake house. The Hazu family began producing original sake brews in 1886. Many have won Japan’s most coveted prizes.) The cost is $250 per person and includes a complimentary signed cookbook and photo with Nobu.
If money is no option or you simply adore Nobu and want to blow the budget on an unforgettable evening, book the $1,000 per person Ultimate Vintage Room dinner. And do it quickly; there’s only one, it’s open to but 12 guests and will sell out in a flash. This extravagant evening stars a particularly lavish Nobu menu with posh champagne and wine pairings. Nobu cooking for a small group including you? To his devotees, any price tag could be meaningless for this rare opportunity. 
Sailing with Crystal President and COO Edie Rodriguez should also be a blast. I’ve lunched with her and promise she’s a serious foodie. (After so many years in this biz, I can easily sniff out pretenders.) Her love for Crystal and its cuisine is real. And valid. (    


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