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| 12.03.12

Aboard the fifth and last of the Solstice-class, Celebrity Reflection, the most unique sister of all.

The cantilevered Reflection Suite shower described below The week of December 3rd we are aboard Celebrity Reflection to get a good look at the newest and most eleborate ship in the Solsitce class. The is one of the few ship classes that has had as many as five different vessels made along the same design. a sure sing that the cruise lines the design is a winner, and in this case it is correct.

As number five, Reflection has the best of everything that has ever been poured into a Solstice-class ship. When the first, Celebrity Solstice, rolled out in late 2008 it was a beautiful ship, but we only beginning to see to poltential of the design. Since then the class has inherited new classes of suites, new restaurants and more features and uses for what was originally something of a lovely yet enigmatic lawn area on the top deck - the first grass lawn at sea.

We will be giving you more details about Reflection specifically, especially pictures, in the days to come. But here is a sneak preview while we get those ready for you.

The Solstice class of Celebrity ships has won accolades from the public and private sectors as one of the most beautiful new ship designs to arrive in the first decade of the new millennium. Celebrity ordered five of these ships, and with each iteration the design has been refined to reflect changing patterns in the preferences of cruise passengers - as well as the need of cruise lines to make money - but that does not mean the two goals are necessarily at odds with one another.

This last of the five sisters, scheduled to enter service in October 2012 and still under construction in Papenburg, Germany, reflects the greatest differentiation from the original design of class. It represents the style of ships that the marketplace demands today. Celebrity Reflection will have an extra deck for staterooms, and three new suite designs not offered on the previous Solstice-class ships.

The largest of the new suite offerings is the Reflection Suite, the cruise line's first two-bedroom suite. It will be located in a special area on deck 14, forward, which is being taken away from the expansive Sky Observation Lounge on the previous sister ships. The port (left) side of the lounge will now contain the singular Reflection suite and five Signature Suites (described later).

Reflection Suite - Deck 14

Schematic layout for the Relection Suite - Does not show cantilevered shower.

The six suites on deck 14 forward are separate from all of the newer suites to be located a deck below. They will be behind a private access doorway requiring a swipe of the guest's keycard to enter. They are all located in very close proximity to the Aqua Spa Café which is in one of the corners of the Solarium just aft of the suites. The café offers "a creative take on healthy cuisine, featuring an eclectic blend of offerings that is both flavorful and good for you."

The Reflection Suite is a generous 1636 square feet, larger than many average American homes, with a 194 square foot veranda. It includes premium Reverie© Dream Sleep System mattresses, European-style butler service (although we are not sure what makes the butler service distinctly "European-style") and most remarkable, a shower built as a cantilevered appendage over the edge of the ship offering more than 270-degrees of visibility of the ocean below.

Location of the new deck 14 suites. The living and and dining room for the Relection Suite.

According to Celebrity, the guest will be able to take a shower and enjoy breathtaking views due to the special reflective glass, which presumably only allow light to travel in and not out. This special property of the reflective glass is controlled by a switch which changes the glass from transparent (for the best visibility in both directions) to translucent (to be used while one is taking a shower so no one can see in). Now, just in case you are traveling with a Luddite or slightly forgetful elderly relative, you can activate a special sensor that will make the glass reflective (rather than transparent) whenever a person enters the shower.

The suite itself includes a large living room with a dining table to seat ten people, a media center with a divan and four chairs, a master bedroom with an expansive private bathroom with sea views from the sink counter and tub, as well as the cantilevered shower, an extra bedroom and a very large veranda with a private hot tub. An iPad is provided to control everything in the suite from the lights to the TV and massage features built into the master bed. In addition to the two bedrooms, the suite can accommodate two additional guests with transitional furniture for beds.

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Signature and AquaClass Suites

Next door to the one Reflection Suite is a row of Signature Suites of 441 square feet and 118 square feet of veranda. These suites also come with an iPad control surface with the same features as the Reflection Suite. Both suites come with complimentary espresso coffee service and 24-hour in-suite dining upon request, a set up of one bottle of vodka, one bottle of scotch and mixers, ceilings that are 22.5% higher than average staterooms and floor to ceiling sliding glass doors.

An entirely new category of suites to be available on Reflection is the AquaClass Suite, although previous ships had Aquaclass staterooms, these suites are bigger at 301 square feet and a 79 square foot veranda. These suites come with a signature restaurant called "Blu," for flavorful and healthful "clean cuisine" according to Celebrity. These suites are one deck down, on the "new" deck 12 exclusive to Celebrity Reflection (there is no deck 13). These suites come with amenities, including complimentary espresso coffee and hors d' oeuvres daily, like the two categories on deck 14, but they do not get the same bar setups.

Schematic layout of the Signature Suite.

In addition to 72 additional staterooms, this new deck 12 also includes the spa and fitness centers including the hair salon and acupuncture in the forward section with the rest of the deck occupied with Sky Suites, Aqua Class staterooms (not suites) and Concierge Class staterooms, as on other Solstice-class ships.

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Celebrity Reflection Background

The last of five Solstice-class sister ships, the keel was laid at the Meyer Werft Shipyard in Papenburg in March of 2011. Naturally, adding the extra deck changed the center of gravity for the ship, so to maintain the balance an additional three feet was added to her "beam," the overall width of the ship. The benefit was extra space throughout the ship which is being utilized in various ways. All of the staterooms onboard are slightly larger, the outdoor deck space will be able to accommodate an additional 245 lounge chairs and the main showroom will have an extra 45 seats. The overall tonnage of the ship is 126,000-gross ton, four tons more than previous Solstice-class ships, and the occupancy is now 3030 berths, up from 2850. About 90% of the staterooms have a private veranda.

Public Spaces

Reflection will have a "Lawn Club Grill" in place of the Corning Glass Museum found on the first three ships in the class. This grill gives guests the opportunity to choose and grill their own filets of beef and other types of meat and vegetarian substitutes. Another food venue is the 48-seat "The Porch" for free breakfast and lunch, special coffees, wine and beer.


The ship will have pod propulsion supplied by two diesel engines for a combined 86,000 horse power. Energy saving features on Reflection but not found on her sisters include highly efficient LED lights, heat exchangers and heat and cold air recovery systems. Special underwater paints will lessen water resistance and reduce the of power propulsion requirement.

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