Holland America 2010 Cruise Itineraries (Part 3)

| October 27, 2008

A look at the concepts and driving factors that influence itinerary planning for 2010 and beyond -- from world cruises to short getaways.

m.s. Amsterdam

The m.s. Amsterdam will also do a Grand Asia and Australia sailing in September that promises to be unique. Spanning 69 days, it will offer the most extensive exploration of Australia's Great Barrier Reef yet, with three full days devoted to a full daylight passage through the entire reef system, comprising 3,000 individual reefs and 900 islands over a distance of 1600 miles. All four regions of the reef will be explored, and two special experiences will be offered - viewing the sunrise at Booby Island and a sunset at Lizard Island. The ship will also anchor at Sherrard Island to view the incredible scenery there.

Stops will also be made at Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong; as well as in Bangkok and Sydney to view all of the incredible highlights of those destinations.

And the best thing about this Grand Voyage? Not one single international flight required. The sailing departs from Seattle and ends in Los Angeles, right here in the good old US of A!

m.s. Prisendam The "Elegant Explorer," the m.s. Prisendam will also be doing a couple of grand voyages of her own. In January of 2010, she will sail on an ambitious 70-day South America and Antarctica voyage that has proven to be one of HAL's most popular itineraries ever. The voyage will offer a complete exploration of South America, including two maiden ports of call in Chile - Iquique with its inviting beaches and Isla Robinson Crusoe where the famous sailor was marooned and lived in solitude for some four years before being rescued.

This sailing will visit 32 ports in 13 countries and will sail round-trip from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale. It will include Holland America's famous "Amazon Experience," sailing down the Amazon River, through jungles filled with some of the most unique animal and plant species on the planet. The Antarctica Experience portion of the sailing will offer cruisers the chance to view some of the most amazing wonders on Earth, with scenic cruising of Darwin Channel, Beagle Channel, the Chilean Fjords, the Strait of Magellan, and Cape Horn.

If 70 days of amazing sights and sounds is not quite enough to satisfy you, you can add on the Prisendam's Grand Mediterranean and Black Sea Voyage which takes place directly after the South America and Antarctica one finishes. This voyage will explore some 25 centuries of the history, art and culture of these regions, and will visit some 25 ports in 13 unique countries or territories, with overnight stays in both Barcelona, Spain and Istanbul, Turkey.

The cruise also includes Black Sea ports of call in countries such as Russia and Turkey, as well as visits to Greek Island ports of call, and others in the countries of Italy, France, and Spain as well. An end of cruise treat also includes a day in Hamilton, Bermuda before returning to the United States.

This Mediterranean and Black Sea Voyage comprises some 50 to 53 days, depending upon your choice of a disembarkation port, and it makes a great sailing either on its own or combined with the 70 day Grand South America and Antarctica Voyage - for a whopping 120 to 123 day sailing - even longer than the Grand World Voyage!

Grand Voyage Differences Leah also pointed out some of the many differences between a Grand Voyage and a traditional Holland America sailing. "The grand voyages have everything kicked up a notch," she explained. "From the food to the service to the amenities, everything is stepped up a level from the already high standards our guests can normally expect while onboard our ships. For example, the entertainment is often a bit more elaborate, with local acts brought onboard to add a bit of the flavor of the specific regions in which we are sailing.

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