| June 18, 2007

The world's largest cruise ship! Royal Caribbean International revealed Oasis of the Seas "secrets number two and three" to New York City press and travel agents yesterday.

The new world's largest cruise ship is Oasis of the Seas, at 220,000 gross registered tons andcurrently under construction in Finland, is Oasis of the Seas. The ship will carry over 5000 passengers and rise 20 decks tall.

Taking Oasis of the Seas' neighborhood concept one step further, Royal Caribbean International revealed "secrets number two and three" to New York City press and travel agents yesterday, and they are as unique as secret number one - the indoor/outdoor Central Park neighborhood concept - which was detailed this spring.

The first secret (and second neighborhood in addition to Central Park) for the new world's largest cruise ever is a Boardwalk concept which is geared towards families and teenagers. The centerpiece of the Boardwalk is an old-fashioned (but newly built) carousel with 21 various animals to ride. In keeping with the Coney Island type Boardwalk theme, there will be Madame Zamara's psychic and tattoo parlor as well as a specialty candy store. Additionally, there will be a children's retail spot as well as a shop geared towards teens. The five restaurants and bars in the Boardwalk area include: Johnny Rockets, Boardwalk Donut Shop, Seafood Shack and The Boardwalk Bar and an ice cream parlor.

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Carousel with Ships   Strolling the Boardwalk

The second secret (and third neighborhood) is the AquaTheater. Actually, the Boardwalk leads into the AquaTheater, located at the back of the ship. Modeled after Greek amphitheaters, this area features stadium style seating for about 700 people which leads down to an outdoor pool. This will be the largest pool at sea measuring 21.9 feet by 51.6 feet. The pool's depth can rise or fall so that it can be used by day as a guest swimming pool and by night as an aquatic entertainment venue. There will be high diving boards for shows and also underwater cameras to film performers so that their images can be projected onto two large screens next to the stage. Additionally, there will be a huge trampoline between the two diving boards so that gymnasts and aerialists can flip and dismount into the pool. And if that wasn't enough, there will be a trapeze hanging behind the high dive boards for more stunts.

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AquaTheater by day   AquaTheater by night
The Rising Tide Bar   Royal Promenade from the Mezzanine View

Another "wow" factor is the Rising Tide Bar. This oval-shaped bar, encircled in a glass verandah, moves between three decks. Thus it transports passengers between indoors (Royal Promenade) up three decks to outdoors (Central Park). To add to the novelty, while the bar is on the upper decks, fountains come to life underneath it on the Royal Promenade.

The Oasis' Royal Promenade will be twice the size of the Freedom-class promenades and thus will have additional bells and whistles.

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Royal Promenade with Views of Central Park Skylights Above   Central Park from Above

"We're taking the Royal Promenade to a new level.The growth of the Royal Promenade from 9 to 19 meters gives us incredible options to do more with that space," Richard Fain, RCI's CEO said. This includes huge glass-arched skylights which form a decorative roof that looks up into Central Park and allows natural light into the Royal Promenade. Perched 10 feet above the floor of the Royal Promenade is a giant globe that looks like it's cracking open. When it periodically does, it turns into an unfurling, hydraulic bridge that performers can stand on.

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Loft Suite Balcony   Loft Suite Dining Area   Loft Suite Interior

In addition to these major thematic areas of the ship, details of some of the staterooms on the 5,400-passenger (6,300 maximum capacity when all upper and lower berths are being used) Oasis of the Seas were revealed. There will be 28 Loft Suites which have dramatic floor to ceiling windows which accent these two level suites. The sleek, modern suites feature sleeping areas upstairs that overlook the living area and ocean views below. There are also AquaTheater suites which have private views of all the action at the AquaTheater. As with the Freedom class ships, Oasis will feature staterooms which look out over the Royal Promenade; however, this ship will also have stateroom that overlook Central Park.

Since Royal Caribbean's motto is "Get Out There," thrill seekers can enjoy the ride of their life on a zip line from high above the ship. Passengers get to zip nine decks above the open air Boardwalk atrium for a bird's eye view of all the action.

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Ziplining over the Boardwalk   Shops on the Boardwalk Zipline Overhead

"When you see how open and expansive the ship is, you can see why we feel it's going to be incredibly attractive," said Fain. "We've consistently listened to our guests who say 'we love all the choices you offer.' That helps us expand the market to non-cruisers since our new ships constantly offer more choices," Fain continued.

He addressed the issue of passengers possibly having difficulty finding their way around a ship this huge. "The Royal Promenade will play a central role in orienting passengers. It helps them find their way around." After having cruised Freedom and Liberty of the Seas, I can attest that these large ships are easy to navigate since so many of the public spots are located on Royal Promenade, the ships' central thoroughfare. Similarly, Oasis' neighborhoods will be the primary areas to find shops, restaurants and bars.

Ship itineraries were also divulged, including its homeport of Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale. When the ship sets sail in December 2009, it will offer a seven-day Eastern Caribbean itinerary including St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau. In the spring of 2010, it will begin to alternate that itinerary with a Western Caribbean sailing schedule of Cozumel, Labadee and a new Jamaican port of Falmouth, which is located between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. According to Fain, the ship will not call at ports where tendering is necessary due to its size. Hence, construction on a pier in Labadee, Haiti, has already begun in order to accommodate this ship and others in the fleet.

With seven neighborhoods in total aboard Oasis of the Seas, there are four more yet to be revealed. If the three that have already been detailed are any indication, Royal Caribbean will live up to its new Oasis tag line, "We build incredible."

Reservations will start being taken as of September 3, 2008. For more information go to: www.oasisoftheseas.com.

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