Bumper Cars Quantum of the Seas

| Tuesday, 11 Feb. 2014

Bumber Cars on new Royal Caribbean ship - Quantum of the Seas


This video was just released by Royal Caribbean To show off the new bumper cars in the "Seaplex" sports complex being built aboard the new "Quantum of the Seas". The see blacks is just one of the many new attractions on Royal Caribbean's quantum, but it will contain a first for the cruise industry; authentic carnival-style "Bumper cars."


At other times the same complex will be used for basketball, soccer, tennis and other sports games but what makes it unique from other sports complexes on a number of other cruise shipsIs that it is fully contained indoors and available and usable in any weather. 


This is no small feat since most cruise ships that have sports complexes have them on the top deck and they are most often subject to a large amount of wind whenever the ship is underway, which is the vast majority of the time when the sports complexes are in use.


But this is not the only attraction from Quantum of the Seas. The ship will also have a skydiving simulator where one dons a flight suit and hovers above a huge fan blowing air straight up to simulate the feeling of skydiving – actually in a freefall condition, but simulated. Another attraction is the "North Star" which world Caribbean is referring to as a jewel shaped glass capsule attached to a large crane 300 feet long capable of lifting a large group of people over and moving around the ship for a 360° view of all sides of the ship and its environs.


The video for the new bumper cars is below. For more information visit our cruise ship review for Quantum of the Seas.

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