Dancing with the Stars at Sea

| Sept. 17, 2013

HAL's Dancing with the Stars competition

Holland America makes waves with its shipboard dance competitions!

Most theme cruise are a one-shot deal-the theme is celebrated for one sailing before the ship immediately returns to its schedule of traditional voyages. This year, Holland America shattered that concept with its year-long, fleet-wide Dancing with the Stars at Sea competition, incorporating the theme into every sailing from February 2013 through January 12, 2014 when the Grand Champion will be selected aboard Nieuw Amsterdam's 7-day Western Caribbean sailing.

This is how it works: All guests on each Holland America sailing are invited to participate in complimentary dance classes based on dance routines we've all seen on the hit TV show. It could be salsa, it could be samba, cha-cha, jive or tango. Those of us with two left feet can simply join in, have fun and pick up a few pointers, while those dancers who dazzle will be called upon to be part of an evening competition held later in the cruise. From that group, that sailing's Dancing with the Stars at Sea champion will be selected by a panel of judges--and audience participation--and awarded a score. Before the Nieuw Amsterdam sets sail on January 12th for the competition finals, the scores of each ship's winning dancers will be tallied and the dancer with the highest grade will be invited to cruise (with a guest) to compete for the title of Grand Champion and the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

While all Holland America sailings include a Dancing with the Stars at Sea program (and a chance for you to clinch a spot in the finals), only a select few feature the stars and professional dancers who've graced the dance floor on the TV show. This summer, Holland America guests have enjoyed sailing with Carson Kressley, Kym Johnson, Tristan MacManus, Shawn Johnson, Sabrina Bryan and more...but, don't worry! It's not too late to experience one of these very special sailings yourself!

The Nieuw Amsterdam's January 5th 7-day Eastern Caribbean sailing and the January 12th 7-day Western CaribbeanDancing with the Stars at Sea finale, will each feature some of the most popular stars and professional dancers from the TV show. On January 5 th, you can sail with professional dancers Kym Johnson and Tristan MacManus and star Sabrina Bryan. Sail the January 12th voyage and you'll join Kym, Tristan and Sabrina and you'll also see the show-stopping finale with each of the 15 passenger champions (one from each Holland America ship) competing and the Grand Champion named.

These two cruises let you tango (maybe even literally) with the stars! The show's dancers and stars interact with guests and cheerfully take part in photo ops, question and answer sessions and meet-and greets, help judge competitions, and stage an astonishing production show and other dance extravaganzas. And for fans of the traffic-stopping costumes featured on the show, expect a jaw-dropping poolside fashion show with the show's dancers and members of the ship's dance company modeling some of the fringed, feathered and bejeweled masterpieces you've seen shimmy and shake their way into Dancing with the Stars history!

Even if you're not a dancer, chances are you've been captivated by Dancing with the Stars which, since 2005, has transformed even the most unlikely of us into vocal critics of samba and cha-cha moves and generated more water cooler debate than most national elections. Now, Holland America gives you a chance to experience all the glamour and dazzle of the show close up…and maybe even walk off with the trophy!

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