New Royal Caribbean Drink Packages

| Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013

The mainstream cruise line now has packages from $20 up to $65 per day

Many cruise lines have experimented with drink packages onboard lately, notably Celebrity Cruises, sister company to Royal Caribbean. But the packages have been a confusing mishmash of "kids soda packages, adult soda packages, standard alcohol packages, premium packages, etc..."

Now Royal Caribbean has distilled the whole idea down to a simple four option menu for the cruise starting with a basic non-alcohol package for just $20 per person per day, up to a premium alcohol package at $65 per person per day for "virtuallt anything" a person cares to drink. by the glass, on a given day of the cruise.

This does simplify things, but I honestly don't know how popular these packages are... (the lines do not release such figures). I suspect they are limited in poularity at the top end, but the soda packages are pretty popular.

The rules of the program say that each package must be purchased for the duration of the cruise, and that both adults in any given stateoom must have the same package (so there is no sharing).

As you can see from the chart below, prices range from:

$20 - non-alcoholic drinks (soda and coffee, etc.)

$40 - beer and wine only

$55 - all the above plus cocktails and frozen drinks

$65 - virtually unlimited access to whatever one wants to drink in a given day.


The Royal Caribbean Drink Price Menu


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