Regal Princess: Millennium Makeover

Regal Princess in VancouverClick for full-size pic

Regal Princess is glowing following her major refit and design changes which bring her in line with the "Grand Class" cruising concept. Included in the makeover are 300,000 square yards of new carpet, 14,000 yards of new fabric, miles of cherry wood paneling and flooring and tons of marble accents. Soft lighting adds to the pleasant glow found throughout public areas. The addition of many pastel shaded murals on Riviera and tropical themes add to the pleasing decor.

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The Plaza, lowest level of the atrium, has a new water curtain above the grand staircase, creating a soothing effect as the water trickles into the marble pools below.

Metal statue of coral in the marble pool beneath the grand staircase.

The eye catching three-dimensional metal sculpture of swimming dolphins is a new addition to the Purser's Office in the Plaza area.

Also off the Plaza, enjoy coffee and pastries in La Patisierie.

The Bacchus Wine Bar is located on the upper level of the Atrium.

The Bacchus Wine Bar seating wraps around the atrium.

Close up of the stunning Bacchus Wine Bar wall mural.

Entrance to the redesigned Palm Court dining room. Note the height of the ceilings on promenade deck which give an added feeling of openness throughout the public rooms.

The Palm Court dining room has been reconfigured to give a sense of intimacy, warmth and charm. Areas for no more than 40 people are decorated with new lighting, artwork, draperies and carpeting.

Another view of The Palm Court dining room.

Tropical wall murals decorate the new 24-hour cafe del Sol which converts to a Bistro for romantic, candlelit dining as an alternative to the main dining room.

The new dance floor, stage and enclosed bistro dining area were part of a pre-built extension added at the aft end of the cafe. This used to be an open air lido dining area on the open deck.

Children's Counselor, Marci Curtis, assists children with their crafts in the new 2000 sq. ft. child and teen center.

The Regal's pool area and Sun deck promenade.

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