Top 10 Tips for Slim Sailing

| Thursday, 09 Jan. 2014
Throw away diet resolutions, because diets don’t work.  Nor, for that matter, do most resolutions.  Why are both such busts?  Most of us set too high goals that become impossible to adhere to.  The best approach to avoid gaining weight when cruising is by eating thoughtfully at every meal, with good health as the only goal in mind.  Here are my Top 10 Tips for sailing through 2014.  Yes, you can still savor every bite onboard and not bring home excess personal baggage. 

Sorbet has the fewest calories among most deserts

1. Fill up on salad (meaning raw vegetables, not cheese and nuts) before moving on to entrees at buffets and sit-down meals.  Use dressing sparingly and avoid the creamy kinds; some are as caloric as burgers.  No creamy soups either, unless they’re dairy-free purees.
2. Limit carbs to whole-grain bread and pasta.  
3. Toppings, not baked potatoes, carry the calories.  Reach for salt, freshly ground pepper and fresh chives, instead.
4. Portion size is everything.  If you must have dessert, share one rather than request your own. Or better yet – order one for a table of four.
5. Which dessert is least caloric?  Sorbet, of course.  If it comes with a tiny biscotti or other miniscule cookie, splurge!  
6. Ignore the petits-fours.  Polishing off a plate of those innocent-appearing sweets (they’re so small!) adds up to beaucoup calories over a weeklong cruise.
7. Fish, fish and more fish.  Without butter or cream sauce.  Fresh lemon and herbs work wonders.
8. Order all entrees with sauce on the side.  Even those that aren’t creamy; red wine sauces are so silky and glossy due a last-minute whisk in of butter or oil.  Dip your fork in the sauce and then into the entrée – you can enjoy its flavor and limit calories.
9. Don’t eat the skin of the chicken; order lean beef (think filet mignon, not porterhouse steak).    
10. Walk, walk, walk.  Use the stairs, not the elevators.  Such “exercise lite” utilizes calories.  So does dancing, BTW.  A half-hour whirling on the dance floor each evening is a fun way to burn calories.

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