New Orleans The Crescent City Awaits

If your lucky enough to be going on a cruise departing from the Port Of New Orleans may I suggest that you arrive a few days early to experience all that the "Crescent City" has to offer the gay and lesbian traveler.

Guys, The French Quarter is filled with bars sure to suit any taste. There are quite a few gay friendly bars intermingled throughout the French Quarter. However on the corner of Bourbon and Saint Anne are two great dance clubs across the street from one another. "OZ" is a high-energy dance club that is sure to get your heart racing. Across the street is the "Bourbon Pub" it is a little more low key than "OZ" but certainly worth the trip across the street. If you travel down Bourbon a bit to Dumaine you will find another high energy dance/cruise bar called "Lafitte in Exile" This bar is sure to keep you partying well into the morning as it is open 24 hours.

Ladies, you will definitely want to check out the Ruby Fruit Jungle on the corner of Royal and Frenchman. It is also a high-energy dance club that has pool tables and even a daiquiri bar. The other recommended bar is a newcomer to the New Orleans scene it is called "San Monet", it is located on the corner of South Dorgenios and Tulane. It caters to mainly African American Lesbians. And if you happen to be in New Orleans the last weekend of September, Don't miss the "Annual Dyke March Down Bourbon". I hear it is a blast!

When you are considering where to stay, don't stay in a big chain hotel; New Orleans has a host of gay owned and gay friendly guesthouses.

Ladies, for you I would recommend the St. Peter Guesthouse at 1005 St. Peter Street, and for the latest information about what is hot for Lesbians in the Crescent City, just ask for Cheryl.

Guys, there are two guesthouses that I have to recommend for you, the first being the Lafitte Guesthouse, it is in the Quarter at 1003 Bourbon Street. You may also want to try the Ursuline Guesthouse at 708 rue des Ursulines. Both of these great guesthouses feature a complimentary continental breakfast as well as wine and hors d'oeuvres in the evening. While these guest houses cater mainly to gay men, lesbians are always welcome.

Of course New Orleans is famous for it's cuisine, but if you are looking for a little down home cooking with some "family" flair try The Clover Grill on the corner of Bourbon and Dumaine, and Popy's on Saint Peter between Royal and Bourbon.

If all of this is still not enough for you, don't forget to check out straight New Orleans' best attraction. It is called the Riverwalk, it is a great shopping arcade along the Mississippi River and has an awesome aquarium that has to be seen to be believed.

Be Safe and Happy Cruising, and have a blast in the "Crescent City".

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