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Guest Articles by CruiseMates Users

We invite our Readers to share a cruise experience with us by writing an article. For more information on what we are looking for, we invite you to send an email to [email protected]

1000's of Reader's Cruise reviews - Click Here

Alaska cruise and land tours vacations begin at $99 per day – good thru Apr 4.

CruiseMates' reader Todd De Haven opines the high expectations of perfection in food and service on cruises ships.

let there be silence as our group leader prepares to speak...

A first cruise is often preceded by many questions, fears and doubts - allays those concerns

A reader reacts to the ongoing anti-cruise media bias assaulting the cruise industry

Cruise ship suites are more popular and opulent than ever. Here are the latest trends in suites from the newest cruise ships.

Matching clients to a growing selection of ships and products is a constant challenge.

A self-charterd yacht can provide a cruise where the program is completely up to you

Never again will we travel without travel insurance - a true story

Guest cruise writer Mary Martindale sends us her memories of meeting the Captain and executive chef for the HAL Zuiderdam

The transformative moments when I realized my true connection to the sea and cruise ships

Imagine our reader's surprise when he saw his wife was cruising with a British stranger

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