Humor and Opinions on Cruising

Hey, cruising is fun so let's laugh along with some of our editors who possess a bent sense of humor. And, see if you agree with some of our opinions - pro or con?

More than most vacations, cruisers are generally looking to be social

Ship happens, but there are things you can do to avoid most common blunders

Kuki takes on the role of Cruise Ship Butler

Have you ever stepped onto a cruise ship and felt that you simply don’t fit in?

Cruise anticipation can be a most exciting part of your cruise experience

There are plenty of options, including more traditional cruise offerings

I’m about to reveal the things about cruising that no one knew until now

Surprised your “Valentine” with a cruise? Here’s some tips for you here.

Now it’s time for advice on what NOT to do while visiting a port.

Ready to book a first cruise? Here are two common mistakes to avoid

It’s a bit like dating. You find a personality that most directly lines up with yours

Results prepared by independent accounting firm – Liar, Liar, Pants & Fire LLC.

Cruise terminology - because it never hurts to look a little bit like you know what you are doing

Cruise lines are pushing vendors for faster, cheaper, more reliable telecommunications at sea

The cruise lines have most certainly increased their presence on social media.

Guest satisfaction surveys always reveal incredibly high satisfaction ratings

The very first “alternate” restaurant on board a ship that I recall hearing about was in 2000

As the addiction took control my children were to become cruise orphans

I am Kuki, and I am a Cruise Addict, a victim of the silent additiction

Philosophical cruise questions answered by the quotable comedian

The uninitiated think cruising requires no skill at all - wrong!

Some cruise lines even have a special section with a big sign; "Aliens Register Here"

Today's Senate Committee Cruise Safety Hearings had Two Big Surprises

Not all questions are silly - sometimes it the answers that are more silly than the questions

Some of the stranger emails we have received here at CruiseMates over the years

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