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by SuefromHouston
Eastern Mediterranean
May 14, 2010

I booked this cruise July 2009 and the 10 months of anticipation were not in vain. Everything about this trip lived up to my expectations.

Embarkation was a breeze. Since we spent the night at the Hotel Traiano prior to sailing, we were at the ship by 11am, and ON it by 11:30am. We went straight to our room (1602) and it was ready. Regretfully, we checked all of our bags so unpacking would wait, but we had all our bags by 2pm. We began our exploration of the beautiful ship and marveled at all the luxurious touches throughout.

It seems no detail was left out. The ship never seemed crowded and I have no idea if it was sold out. There was no way to tell. I never stood in line, never waited for anything. All my needs were met with immediacy.

We dined in Blu nightly, but when the menu in the main dining room was more appealing, Blu accommodated me by bringing me my choice of entree from Silhouette. When we wanted to try the main dining room, we were given a table and made to feel completely welcome.

The entertainment was first class. I have never seen singers and dancers that were so versatile and worked as hard as these people did (but, they didn't show it). The glass blowing show was so interesting and well done. I would have liked to own a custom piece made right there, but they only sell 3 pieces per cruise.

All of the business of "getting on and getting off" the ship was handled smoothly. No going to a room and waiting, we walked off when we were ready each time. Even the tendering process was smooth.

10 days just wasn't enough and I look forward to being back on the Equinox as soon as I can.

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