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  2. Please remember to include the following topics: the food, the service, ship decor, entertainment, the itinerary, any special crewmembers you met, what you liked best about the ship - and what you think needs the most work.

  3. Very short reviews will most likely be ignored - especially if they merely of the "rant" variety. We already get plenty of those. We welcome legitimate complaints, but please be specific about the problem.

  4. An email address is not required, but we may want to contact you. It will NOT be shown unless you put it in your review text - we will absolutely not add you to any lists.

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  • Every review is read by our editors before we publish. We do respect your right to post a negative review, and we do not censor, edit or re-write negative reviews (except for grammar or technical details in some cases) - however, a one paragraph statement about your cruise experience or a complaint about your travel agent does not qualify as a review. Such statements belong in our forums, not in the cruise reviews.

  • Please write a separate review for each ship.

  • Please format your posts to look like real letter; neither all caps, nor all lowercase.

  • Most submissions are posted "AS IS" but may be edited.

  • All reviews are listed by ship in Cruise Date Order, not date submitted.

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