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| January 5, 2009

Local cruises, ship departures from U.S. cities like Seattle and Boston, are back due to the economic slowdown. Here is a guide to finding the perfect local cruise for you.

Local cruises, also known as drive-to cruises in the cruise industry, are popular once again as people look to scale back their vacation costs. A local cruise saves time and money by eliminating the need to fly to your departure port. There is a local cruise for almost everyone if you live within a few hours of the coast -- East or West. Here is our local cruise guide for you:

Local Cruises from Philadelphia Here's your listing of cruises from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Norwegian Majesty will sail a five-night cruise to Canada/New England in the summer of 2009, a seven-day cruise to Bermuda is scheduled in the fall 2009, and a ten-day cruise to Canada/New England is scheduled for fall, 2009.

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