Common Questions from Singles

Attention Single Sail-ers: Cruisemates Singles Editor Pat Hagan will be addressing your concerns weekly in the Singles Section. You can e-mail her at for answers to everything you always wanted to know about cruising solo...but didn't know whom to ask. Here is the first batch of questions and answers.

Pat, I am going on a cruise next month by myself and have a problem even before I get onboard. The gown I plan to wear on formal night has a long zipper that I can't do by myself. I'll probably have a male cabin steward, so whom can I turn to for help? --Marci K., Raleigh, N.C.

Marci, I am sure one of the female members of the cruise staff would be glad to assist. Just make arrangements before to let her know what time you need her, and which cabin you're in. You can also check with the gals on the sports staff and the purser's office. And remember--don't ever be shy about asking for help when traveling alone.

Pat, I'm cruising single on the Majesty of the Seas next month, and I hate to stick out like a sore thumb if I don't hook up with a woman. I'd like to meet some guys to hang with. What do you advise? I hear this isn't really a ship for singles, but I liked the itinerary. --Randy T., Chicago, Ill.

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