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Windstar Cuisine - Unrivaled.
by Anne Campbell

It was a night I'll never forget: In the shadows of a castle towering over the beautiful harbor of Bodum, Turkey, we dined al fresco on lobster and steak grilled right on deck. Windstar Cruises' elegant Wind Star was lit up like a Christmas tree, and I can imagine the impression we made on yachtsmen in the small harbor. And, I'll always remember breakfast, where one could choose the lean-and-light option of lime pancakes (200 calories!) or go crazy on chocolate and peanut butter waffles. And, at night, I grabbed a video and ordered a bowl of hot popcorn delivered right to my stateroom.

What most impressed me was the very distinctive menu Windstar offers, all cooked to perfection and elegantly perfectly. But the shipboard culinary experience is overseen by the world-famous chef, Joachim Splichal of Patina and Pinot Restaurants, you can begin to see that there will be a difference. On any night, one finds a heavenly menu with dishes such as corn risotto with wild mushrooms and fresh basil or seared sea scallops accompanied by chive mashed potatoes. I've yet to encounter lean-and-light menu options so tempting that I'll order them with no thought of calories in mind.

A critical part of the unforgettable dining experience is the Philippine and Indonesian staff, who exude real warmth and seem to love their ships. While the dress code is "casual country club" the service is truly polished. And, these ships boats the highest crew-to-passenger ratios (90-185), so one does indeed feel pampered.

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