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Archive for October, 2008

Cruise Shrinkage?

One cruise line is shuttering it doors, another is dissolving, cruise ships are repositioning and returning to America for the summer rather than sailing in Europe. Exactly what is going on here? Cruise shrinkage? Majestic America Lines is going to sell all of its boats, so river steamboats are going to disappear in America for at least […]

A Caveman, A Nun, and Peter Pan Walk Into A Bar

The NCL Jewel arrived off the coast of Samana, Dominican Republic this morning, and yes, we were still on it when in arrived. I wouldn’t even be mentioning it if I weren’t on it, now would I? We anchored off shore. Well, Mrs. Kuki and I didn’t do it as we were still in bed. […]

What’s Behind Curtain #1

If you chose what’s behind curtain #1 today, you’d find Mr. & Mrs. Kuki sleeping until Noon! Apparently we’ve discovered just effective the curtains surrounding the bed in our suite can be. I haven’t slept until Noon since I was 16 years old and discovered how sick three beers could make someone who had never […]

Chilly Out, but Chilling Down

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that the seas were giving us a bit of a “ride” as we left New York. I understand we were encountering 16 -18 ft. seas, combined with a head wind. When we woke this morning the temperatures were still chilly, and there was still considerable “motion in the ocean”, though […]

More Than My Daiquiri Is Frozen- NCL Jewel Day 1

Whenever I get the opportunity to sail out of New York, past Ground Zero, past Ellis Island, and past the amazing Statue of Liberty I get “goose bumps”, and today was no different. The exception was my “goose  bumps” from all the emotion had their own goose bumps; it was so frickin cold. I’m Canadian […]

New York City – Pre-cruise

Before I begin to banter about New York City, a small, perhaps helpful fact; taxi fare to Manhattan from Newwark Airport is a preset $62, plus tolls, plus tip…. that’s per taxi, not person, and the trip took us about 40 minutes. When a hick like me hits New York City it’s hard not to […]

Cruise Season Coming Soon

Wave Season, a term the cruise lines uses for the period right after New Year’s Day, will be upon us soon. I realize how hard it may be for many of you to be thinking about a cruise right now. I do not remember an election season this interesting my entire life. Plus, the holiday […]


It’s near to the end of October, and Mrs. Kuki and I have just under a week left until we get to cruise again. Time to take a bit of a twisted look at pre-cruise in the Kuki Kingdom. We’ve been landlocked since early May, so by the time we board the ship it will […]

Cruise Industry’s Economic Impact

It is fitting that CLIA would release its yearly study on the Cruise Industry’s effect on our economy this week. CLIA is the cruise industry’s marketing organization, and if it seems like a lot of our blogs have been about the economy lately it is because the economy is so dominating the headlines. I personally […]

John Heald’s Blog and Bloggers Cruise

This is my blog about John Heald’s Blog and his Bloggers Cruise. John’s Blogger’s Cruise is also a CruiseMates cruise I am hosting with about 200 people going. But please let me start at at the beginning… It was Dec. ‘96. I was a young man. Well OK, I wasn’t quite a young man, but I […]