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Archive for October, 2008

Columbus Day Cruise Updates

Happy Columbus Day! It makes sense for cruisers to celebrate Columbus day as he must be the most famous sailor in history. I don’t think there has ever been a first-time cruiser who didn’t wonder what ol’ Cristoforo Colombo was thinking as he looked at the horizon of sea water surrounding his three ships by 360-degrees. I have […]

Cruising Discounts Update

This last week brought us some of the deepest discounts for cruises we have ever seen – as low as $30/day per person. We took note of these deep discounts in our CruiseMates Newsletter which mentions a 12-day $399 cruise on NCL’s Norwegian Jewel sailing out of New York City October 28 on a voyage […]

Ship Shape or The Shape of a Ship?

Do you worry that you’re shape isn’t ship shape? When thinking of a cruise, or even after booking a cruise, I understand many people worry about how out of place they’re going to look on a cruise. There’s images in their minds of dining rooms filled with runway models being escorted by Fabio look a-likes, […]

Economy and the Cruise Industry

Cruises on sale, new ships on order, Europe getting cheaper. The cruise industry is unlike most U.S.-based travel businesses. Let’s take a look at the many ways in which the economy will affect cruising. The first thing you will notice is that cruise prices are already on sale. You can see the Carnival “October Recharge […]

Cruise Message in a Bottle

A message in a bottle left by a cruise passenger over 35 years ago was just found on Middle Caicos, part of the British West Indies, this last weekend. The note was scribbled on a piece of stationery from a Norwegian America cruise ship, parched and aged from the sun. “I am on the Vistafjord. […]

First-time Cruiser Complaints? Take a Chill Pill

Kuki is upset with first-time cruisers who only post in CruiseMates to complain after a bad cruise. You have pretty high expectations from the first-time cruisers. It reminds me of that old 60-Minutes Point/Counterpoint segment, and the SNL take-off Chevy Chase rejoinder “Jane, you ignorant slut!” “Kuki – you over-reacting cruise snob!” is my version […]