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Oasis of the Seas? Kuki is ALL WET!

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Kuki knocking Oasis of the Seas?  It isn’t how big you make them, it is how you make them big. Calling it a “Really Huge Sucker” is not way to refer to what will the the ship that changes the prardigm of cruising forever!  Oasis has about the same passenger/space ratio as Queen Mary 2, and calling it A ReallY Huge Sucker – This is a blog and I hate to tell you what kind of linkbacks you have generated with that phrase – but that’s beside the point!

The point is that you are saying Oasis is too big, and that you wouldn’t be caught dead on the ship. I just could not disagree with you more. I think Oasis is going to change the paradigm of how we see cruise ships from here on out. There will still be plenty of room for smaller/intimate ships, but Oasis is going to be the first of a new breed of ships which will take the cruise experience to whole new level and we will never look back.

Is it too big? Absolutely not. From an energy standpoint, it is better for the environment because you get far more efficiency in fuel usage per passenger than a small ship will ever give you.

But more importantly – for the guest – while you say it will too crowded to walk down the hallway without saying “excuse me” ten times; I disagree. The ship is laid out with many different “neighborhoods” each of which is capable of involving a thousand or more passengers at any given time.

Activities will be spread throughout the ship all day and night. There are THREE main entertainment venues for shows, plus several different nightclubs. The three main showrooms are separated and each will handle about 1/3 of the passenger load every night. You have the Opal Theater (standard production showroom), Studio B (the ice rink theater) and the AquaTheater at the end of the Boardwalk. Central Park and the Boardwalk are two entirely new attractions never before seen on a cruise ship. Each is capable of handling many cruisers so the rest of the ship will not feel crowded.

Central Park is the perfect analogy. Manahattan, the island, is “too crowded” as far as population is concerned, but the city’s Central Park is some 10 square miles, making it big enough to accommodate the entire city with a piece of serenity for anyone who wants to find it.

Oasis also has entertainment nightclubs that rival the best on ships anywhere. Personally, I am excited about the Comedy City Club, with stand up comedy all night long. That is a first for a cruise ship, and I think it is a great idea.

On the other hand, the nightclub “Blaze” will have a beautiful two-story stage overlooking the boardwalk and will have all kinds of music all night. Despite the name, I see it more as a Queen’s Room on Queen Mary 2.

Speaking of Queen Mary 2 – that ship has about the same passenger/space ratio as Oasis, and it does not feel crowded at all. It isn’t how big you make them, it is how you make them big.

Saying the next generation of cruise ships is “Too Big” is the oldest misperception in the cruise industry, one that has been proven wrong time and again. Next year at this time we will be watching major news shows talking about this ship, with either president Obama or McCain making some kind of comment about it for the reporters. It is revolutionary.

Please make your comments below, who is right, Kuki (too big) or me (revolutionary).

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Comment from Mike M
Time September 22, 2008 at 10:11 am

Sorry Paul, but I agree with Kuki. I believe that Oasis puts an end to the “cruise” genre of travel. It now cements the ship as the destination and not the ports. Ships like Oasis may as well never leave their home ports. They are limited on where they will be able to dock and people, like me, who are destination oriented will be disappointed in this as a “cruise experience”. A major portion will be missing. I see that we will now have Disneyland of the Seas or a true Vegas of the Seas experience in the cruise future. It isn’t for me.

Take care,

Comment from Paul Motter
Time September 22, 2008 at 10:21 am

I understand your opinion based on a rush to judgement – however I think you are basing it purely on the numbers and not on the ship itself.

If Oasis were nothing more than a 1/3 larger version of Freedom of the Seas then I would agree with you. But in fact it is very different in design and concept, as I wrote above.

Queen Mary is almost the same size as Voyager of the Seas, but it feels far less crowded.

Oasis has been designed to distribute passengers throughout the ship day and night to the point where there is no reason for all passengers to be in the same place at once — except…

The one place where I think I MUST agree with you and Kuki is the dining room, which is a full FOUR DECKS TALL! I really can’t see feeding 3000 people at once, but that is their plan. Of course, there are several mosre alternative restaurants on this ship thatn on previous Royal Caribbean ships, but I think they should have at least made two different dining rooms.

Comment from beentravelin
Time September 24, 2008 at 6:55 am

I’m going to have to agree with Paul. Several ports are being upgraded to receive this new class of ships. I am also a port person, but the more things to do on sea days the better. I too think that this is the future of mass market cruising. I dont think that this will hurt the small cruise ship companys. However Carnival may have some competition for the mass market now! It will definatly be interesting to see how this plays out in the next few years. I for on like small and large cruise ships, so I will give Oasis a try.

Comment from Kuki
Time September 24, 2008 at 8:45 am

I think it’s very possible that the current financial environment my be the next thing to dramatically impact the cruise industrie’s new build program.

When they need just under a billion dollars to bring out the new HUGE SUCKERS, I think we’ll see more situations like NCL’s recent problems and stop construction order for their new F3 series of ships.

We’re likley to see many others put on the back burners. Perhaps it will force the cruise lines to build ships they can afford to build…. which would no doubt be smaller.


Comment from Teri
Time September 25, 2008 at 7:32 pm

Oasis is just too big for me. I can’t even imagine a port handling all the passengers from this ship plus other ships. Islands will start to rebel no matter how much money we spend. We’re ruining their sanctuaries. My opinion of Oasis is that this is a ship on which RC does NOT want their passengers to get off of. They want their passengers to totally enjoy their seatime and have no reason to disembark which means more money for RC. Sorry but I don’t even stay at hotels that have 16 floors. Not only that but the with the exception of I believe one port, the ports are the same that we’ve seen before. I live in NJ and love a relaxing week at the beach without all the extras such as a boardwalk, central park, people coming and going at all hours. I’ll take the smaller ships any time. By smaller I mean Liberty, Destiny, hopefully Dream some day and yes some day RC’s Liberty of the Seas. I don’t cruise to shop. I cruise to relax. My gf is pushing for me for Oasis but I’ve passed. The size of this ship also makes me very nervous to even consider being one of its first passengers.

Comment from d
Time September 25, 2008 at 8:01 pm

Variety is the spice of life. we’re looking forward to trying this ship.

Comment from Paul Motter
Time September 25, 2008 at 8:16 pm

Honestly – I really don’t agree with people who say Carnival Dream (4000 passangers at 130,000-tons) is a better environment that Oasis (6000 passengers at 220,000-tons) – when you think about it, Oasis has far more soace and activities per passneger than the other ship.

But that is OK, I am confident that when the ship rolls out it will bedazzle the skeptics, and most people will be more than happy with the onboard aura and not even thinking about how many people are on the ship at any given time.

Oasis will be going to jamaican port that no other ships goes to – so if you can tolerate St Thomas with 6 mega-ships in port (20,000 people) you can tolerate Oasis alone in port.

Comment from AF1
Time September 28, 2008 at 11:59 am

My feeling about the large and larger cruise ships; referring mostly to Voyager, Freedom, and now Oasis. RCI in my opinion is trying to make ships more comfortable and user friendly for their passengers. They are making more things available to do on their ships, thus by doing so the ports of call are becoming a thing of the past. I bet if you took a poll about people who are booked on the Oasis of the Seas; most would say they could care less where the ship went and what the itinerary was; but more about what can I do and what new things onboard are going to “WoW” me. I believe this started with the Voyager class ships. It is beginning to rival theme park vacations. Ask youself would you rather go to a theme park or a cruise. More people will say let’s take a cruise.

Comment from John
Time October 9, 2008 at 5:05 pm

About 70,000-100,000 tons, with a passenger capacity of about 2200, is just right.

Give me QE2 any day. Such a shame to see her go.

Comment from Mike Lawson
Time October 23, 2008 at 2:23 pm

Paul, the way you defended Oasis it made wonder what RCCL was paying you. I agree with Kuki on this one I think the cruise lines will wish they had smaller ships to try and fill. I for one like the Princess Sun class and Radiance class best. Large but not over the top. Will people go for larger ships yes. Will they stay with them? That remains to be seen. I think only deep discounting will allow them to keep these full, and that will bring additional cuts in food and entertainment. Just my opinion. Mike

Comment from Paul Motter
Time October 23, 2008 at 2:40 pm

I personally enjoy destination oriented cruising on smaller ships, also, but I do know from experience a LOT of people cruise for the experience of the ship itself.

For all the critics of Oasis, I wonder how many of you have really studied the floor-plans and renderings. This is not just another cruise ship scaled up in size – not by a long shot. The ship is a radically new design that will WOW everyone who comes on board, I guarantee it.

The Freedom-class vessels remain the most popular ships in Royal Caribbean’s fleet and I’ll bet you they feel more crowded than Oasis will. at 160,000-tons they hold about 4200 people.

Oasis is 222,000-tons and will hold about 5400 people – more space per passenger. It will feel far less crowded than a Carnival mega-ship at 110,000-tons holding 3400 people.

The inside promenade is almost twice as large as the one on Freedom, plus you have the outdoor Central Park and the Boardwalk areas. The AquaTheater is going to be another stunning entertainment venue, more impressive than the ice shows they do on the Voyager and Freedom class ships.

The solarium, pool, sports and waterpark facilities are extensive and full of goodies. There is a beach-like pool, two flowriders, a big waterslide with lots of water fun for the kids, swim against the current pool, and more.

The spa and fitness centers are the biggest ever on a cruise ship.

The shopping will be extensive and they will have new entertainment venues they have never dome before; like a nightly stand-up comedy club, and a jazz club.

This is in addition to the discos and a beautiful two story ballroom.

I just think that people are going to be dazzled by the layout and amenities of the ship. It isn’t just about size. It is like comparing the Atlantis Hotel in Nassau to a normal hotel – its two completely different animals.

I really urge you to go and to look especially at the videos and graphics of the ship. I am thoroughly impressed and when the reviews come out I am sure I will be proven right.

Comment from Paul Motter
Time October 23, 2008 at 2:42 pm

Oh, and by the way – smaller ships are not going anywhere. That is beauty of all this, cruising is becoming much more segmented with different offerings for all kinds of people. Most of the small ships of Holland America and Princess are currently getting upgrades abd being beautifully maintained. The old style of cruising will always be there, it isn’t going to be replaced by behemoths.

Comment from Suzanne
Time September 10, 2009 at 5:00 pm

Comparing apples to oranges does not an argument make. I agree with Paul M., the old style of cruising isn’t going anywhere and those who prefer the smaller ships will have lost nothing with the Oasis coming on line. She fills a wonderful need for many … that being newer, bigger, better with more entertainment and dining choices than ever before.

As to being worried about her size, if you’ve read any of the sea trials info., she handles like a dream so there is no reason to be fearful of her size.

I happen to think the most beautiful ships are the Princess ships but I can’t wait for Oasis. She will be a completely different experience.

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