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What’s Behind Curtain #1

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If you chose what’s behind curtain #1 today, you’d find Mr. & Mrs. Kuki sleeping until Noon! Apparently we’ve discovered just effective the curtains surrounding the bed in our suite can be. I haven’t slept until Noon since I was 16 years old and discovered how sick three beers could make someone who had never tasted alcohol before. Apparently for us a name change is in order for the Romance Suite… it will now be called the Rip VanWinkel Suite, or maybe the romance in your dreams suite.

When we did finally stir, we stepped out on to our balcony greeted by almost warm weather, and much calmer seas. Enjoying our coffee, while staring out over the ship’s wake, from a cabin on the stern is one of the greatest pleasures of cruising in the Kuki household. It didn’t matter to us that we’d already missed the Fox Trot dance classes, or the Pastry demonstration, or Cruisers Trivia, or art auction, bingo, or Pilates class.

Later I walked past the art auction being held in the Fyzz Lounge, and I was shocked yet again at how big a draw these are on ships. I am far from an art connoisseur, but if I were in the market for some nice art, I can’t imagine thinking that the best place to shop for it is going to be in a Karaoke lounge on a cruise ship.

Today was the first day of the cruise where there were bodies occupying the loungers pool side, who weren’t wrapped in parkas and blankets. It was the first hint that this really is a Caribbean cruise. We enjoyed a few hours out of doors in comfortable temperatures, though we had to head inside a bit early to shower and get ready to head to the CruiseMates group cocktail party at 5 P.M. in the Fyzz Lounge.

A section of the lounge was cordoned off for our group, and besides the unlimited drinks, there was a table of hot appetizers for everyone to help themselves. Everyone in the group raved about the appetizers… they were delicious!! And the staff kept replenishing the supply. Though the party was only for an hour, there were a couple of “happy” cruisemates later on, so they must have had enough time to enjoy the alcohol as well as the food.

Today was the first day we got together with the entire group. During group cruises on ships with traditional assigned dining times, those with the same dining times usually are seated together. Of course with Freestyle Dining, that would take much more organizing. However, we’re organizing several more group gatherings later in the cruise, and now that we’ve all met, and the weather is turning warmer, we’re much more likely to see more of each other.

We’re a smallish group this trip, so I’ve invited everyone to our suite for a sail-a-way party as the ship departs Curacao in a few days. As well, for those who expressed interest I’ve made arrangements for us to do dinner on the patio area of Mama’s Italian Kitchen one evening. We did this on this same ship in 2007, when we had a group on during a Greek Islands sailing, and it was great fun, so we’ve chosen to repeat it.

After all we ate at the cocktail party it was a good thing we’d made a later reservation for dinner. Tonight we dined at the Tsar’s Palace Dining Room. Tsar’s Palace is what one might consider more similar to a traditional ship’s dining room. Personally, I love the room, and its Russian interior design work (as the name implies) filled with rich burgundies, with large pillar like columns, and a huge window along the stern.

The food was excellent yet again! Three days onboard now, and I’ve yet to taste something I didn’t care for, so that’s a very good starting indicator. It leaves me eagerly awaiting the next meal, which in the case of my waist line isn’t likely a good thing. Another few days and we’ll be referring to it as my waste line. We did find Tsar’s Dining Room to be unusually warm tonight, and that encouraged me to sweat even more than the normal sweat level I reach when working hard to stuff more food in my mouth.

After dinner, we skipped out on going to the Stardust Theater for tonight’s headliner, and passed on the Monte Carlo Party being held in the casino, to retire back to the cabin. We have our first port of call tomorrow in Samana, Domincan Republic, and we’ve booked a shore excursion to the Grand Paradise Resort. Therefore we can’t sleep until Noon again, so we’re going to try and get to sleep early.

As usual, I write these daily blog entries late in the evening, when returning to the cabin. Tonight, as I write, I have our balcony door wide open, and in this case the word wide takes on an entire new meaning. This suite has the widest sliding glass doorway I’ve ever seen. When open the space appears to be about 5 ft. across. On a beautiful night like this evening having it open makes the suite feel twice as large as it is. I am looking out into the dark, listening to the sounds of the ocean, and seeing flashes of lightning off in the distance behind us; quite spectacular really!

I am having a bit of difficulty loading pictures I’ve taken into the CruiseMates photo galleries, so I’m going to have to try and resize them when I get some time. Below you’ll hopefully see a few pictures I’d taken earlier in the cruise, and loaded yesterday… if this works.

77499 Whats Behind Curtain #1

77502 Whats Behind Curtain #1

77504 Whats Behind Curtain #1

– A View From the Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Mike M
Time October 31, 2008 at 7:23 am

I am enjoying the blog of the cruise. I enjoyed the Jewel on our, May, Baltic cruise and, as you can see, I left it in one piece for you. I do love the food in the restaurants, especially the alternative restaurants, but I am wondering how the food is in the buffet. It was the only place where the food was a bit lacking. Actually, it was pretty bad. Has it improved in quality and most of all temperature?

Have a wonderful time,

Comment from RayB
Time October 31, 2008 at 9:15 am

I am enjoying watching, reading and just hanging around with you Kuki, Geela and all the Cruisemates that are with you on this Jewel.

Hope you enjoy your tour of Samama. We did not think much of it. We took the bus tour across the island and nothing there to speak of.

Have a good one.

Tell Gaile we have about 22 coming on Sunday the 9th. I will be posting a list of those interested with one exception. She did no want to be listed and wished it to be a surprise.

Comment from rollerdonna
Time November 1, 2008 at 3:21 pm

Loved those hand sanitizers! I wonder how many people sanitize their hands after using the “urinal” below!

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