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The Ship Changes Direction For My Convenience

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For most of the day, both yesterday and today, I have been e-mailing and speaking to my family at home about my father’s condition. There’s been a bit of positive improvement in his condition. I normally don’t include the trials and tribulations of my personal life in my writings, or postings on our message boards, but in the event “I disappeared” mid blog I felt a responsibility to explain why.

I feel blessed to still have my parents with me. My father is 91, my mother is 80, but both have been in ill health for some time. My sister, who lives in Arizona flew up to Canada to be with my parents while we were on this cruise. I wish that my mind was as sharp now, at my age, as my father’s is. I tell you all of this so you can better understand… when my sister told my father that I’ve been calling to see how he’s doing, he got upset with her for telling me he was in the hospital; when I spoke to my mother this afternoon, she insisted she and my father did not want me leaving the ship early to come home. Pretty special people, if you think about it!

At any rate, tomorrow our port of call is Belize, and I have found that if necessary I could get a flight out, having to overnight in Houston, and arrive home Friday (instead of our scheduled return Sunday). The day after tomorrow, Thursday we were scheduled to dock in Roatan, Honduras, but it seems for my convenience our itinerary has been changed. The Jewel will not be going to Roatan, but to Cozumel instead. They are doing this for me because the availability of flights to Canada is much greater in Cozumel, as opposed to Roatan. Well, that and the fact there is civil unrest in Roatan; demonstrations apparently meant to voice concerns to the government. From what I understand the demonstrations are not violent, but could impact and delay visiting cruise ship passengers.

The bottom line as far as my travel plans is that we are planning to take things day by day, and at least for the moment I’ll be staying on the ship. And if I’m staying on the ship I’ll continue to blog about the cruise. And I’ll do my best to do so keeping my sense of humor.

So, with that rather long explanation… back to our regular scheduled program, in progress.

Today was a day at sea, and unfortunately the weather was as drab as my mood. Rain was steady, and at times heavy, for most of the day. I’d spent much of the day in the day e-mailing and talking to my family at home. I did spend some time today with Alex Forbes, the Jewel’s extraordinary Concierge, and you’ll learn much more about him and his job in an upcoming feature article on CruiseMates. I also had the opportunity to sit down for a very casual visit with Julian Brackenberry, the Hotel Director. In tomorrow’s blog I’ll share that conversation with you.

We’d pre-arranged a group dinner tonight, for the people in the CruiseMates group who wished to attend, at Mama’s Italian Kitchen ($10 per person surcharge), and enjoyed an Italian meal that was delightful as the company. This is definitely a restaurant I’d like to visit again. That makes too many restaurants I want to go back to, and not enough days left in the cruise. What’s a fat hungry guy to do?

77635 The Ship Changes Direction For My Convenience

77636 The Ship Changes Direction For My Convenience

After dinner, the evening was crowded with events. The Cat’s Pajamas, an acapella group performed in the Stardust Theater, followed by a late night comedy/hypnosis act by Nadeen, followed by NCL’s famed Chocolate Buffet, followed by the White Hot Party. It would have been a great night to be out and about, enjoying a tremendous lineup of activities. Quite frankly I didn’t have enough positive energy to get out, participate, and enjoy it. Perhaps with a good night’s rest tonight, I’ll be back and ready to dance on some table tops… which would be interesting because I’ve never been able to dance.

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