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Archive for January, 2009

Cost of Cruise Business

Is it just me, or does it seem that the one thing that has slipped significantly in our society in the new millennia is basic accountability and integrity in business? It seems like everything we buy these days is made with planned obsolescence and any recourse we may have for problems with a purchase is […]

When is a Travel Agent A Travel Agent?

There seems to be wide spread confusion over what/who is a travel agent. Before even trying to discuss this it’s important for everyone to know  there is no regulatory body of authority governing travel agents, other than the government, and it’s licensing divisions, and laws. And perhaps oddly, even laws governing those who sell cruises […]

NOW is the time to BOOK to come to Europe with CruiseMates

As recently as two weeks ago I wrote a blog about whether it’s preferable to book your cruises early, or wait and book closer to sailing date. At the time, as I did random checks of pricing on a wide variety of ships sailing more than six months into the future, I was finding pricing […]

New Kids on the Block Cruise Questions

News broke in major newspapers;, USA Today, New York Post. The hot boy band, New Kids on the Block, will be performing a concert on a cruise ship. What was odd was that the announcement came out with hardly any details, and what details there were turned out to be incorrect. Other parts of […]

Does Sex Have Anything To Do With the Reason You Cruise?

You’re reading a blog on a site devoted to the topic of cruising, so I’m assuming you have at least a tertiary interest in cruising. There are cruise ships sailing year round in various locales throughout the world, and we all have our own favourite times of year, and places, we like to cruise. I’ll […]

Cruise Bargains Everywhere

I can’t think of a single cruise line that has not cut prices or offering incentives to book right now. From Carnival offering “best available upgrades” on cruises that are already reduced to NCL offering shipboard credit with every cruise booked, from $50 for less that 7-day cruise in inside cabins to $500 for suites […]

Nation of Why Not … Charge More

There’s little doubt that Royal Caribbean Cruise Line builds some of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing interiors of any cruise ships at sea. And they have one of the most highly anticipated new ships of the past decade, the Oasis of the Seas set to carry its first passengers in December of 2009. The […]

“Falling” Off a Cruise Ship?

It is time for the English language to invent new words for descending through the atmosphere. Technically, anyone who leaves a cruise ship by any means other than the gangway is “falling” – however, I am personally tired of media reports of people “falling from cruise ships” – as if it is the same act […]