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Archive for March, 2009

Is Royal Caribbean Trying to Swim Upstream?

I’ve witnessed Salmon swimming upstream during spawning season in Alaska, and watched the bears “fishing” for dinner, swatting at the Salmon as they tried to get upstream. I’m wondering now if Royal Caribbean Cruise Line is also attempting to swim upstream. Economists throughout the planet have pretty much agreed the world economy is fragile at […]

Luxury Cruising on a Mass Market Ship?

I guess sometimes I just don’t “get it,” and when I don’t I usually come here for help. I recently attended a virtual luxury cruise expo.  The presentations for the most part were understandable. I realize that there are some people who prefer a more intimate cruise experience on a smaller ship where everything is […]

Shore Excursions are a Profit Center Not an Amenity for Passengers

Originally when cruise ships began offering shore excursions for their guests, in most cases they were the responsibility of the ships Cruise Directors. The Cruise Directors were in contact with various tour companies throughout the ports of call on the itineraries their ships were sailing, and the profit’s the Cruise Directors were able to realize […]

Does Attitude Make or Break Your Cruise? And Does It Influence Your Post Cruise Feedback?

“ A cruise is what you make it” . I’ve often seen that phrase used on the message boards, particularly when someone has posted a less than glowing report about their cruise experience. The implication, of course, is that the people posting their concerns or complaints are responsible for their own enjoyment, or lack of […]

Cruise Crime and Doris Matsui

Its almost like announcing the new television season, “Cruise Crime Drama returns to the small screen for 2009!” Except you have to watch C-Span, and its exactly the same plot as last year’s episodes, with the same actors, and it is far less engaging than any other political topic this year. Congresswoman Doris Matsui, who […]

The Social Life While Cruising

While it’s not likely the primary reason people choose to cruise, the social life you encounter once at sea probably has a lot to do with your enjoyment of the cruise… though it may not immediately come to mind as being all that significant. When reading reader reviews of their cruises, the most often areas […]

Death of Newspapers

The Denver-based Rocky Mountain News folded today, and other newspapers are not far behind. The reason is competition from the Internet. But the question is, can you really trust the Internet to give you accurate and unbiased information when web sites no longer have newspapers to do the hard reporting we rely upon so often […] – Best in Biased Cruise Information

I just returned from the Editors Council for the Society of American Travel Writers. This group of travel experts mostly work for newspapers. I don’t have to describe the level of angst among these people. As newspapers declare bankruptcy or travel sections get folded into “lifestyles” sections along with Dear Abby and the crossword puzzle, […]