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Archive for July, 2009

The Worst Cruise Impressions

Where are you most likely to see the worst possible impressions ever about cruise ships? Only movies, television series and major newspapers. My wife and I were watching the silly Pixar movie WALL-E recently. In the plot the planet earth can no longer sustain any kind of life. Our eyes were glazed over from this […]

State of the Cruise Industry

Every year the cruise industry conference “SeaTrade” has a panel of top cruise line CEOs called “State of the Industry.” Some of the funniest and most sobering exchanges I have ever seen occured at these sessions. I wanted to borrow the term for an update on how the cruise industry is doing right now. Royal […]

Fore Play While Cruising

Admittedly golf might not be the first thing to come to people’s minds when they are considering their cruise vacations, and choosing which itinerary they might want to sail. But, devoted golfers are a bit of a strange breed. Many golfers will willingly plan entire vacations based on how many games they can fit in […]

Cruise Basics: Questions and Answers

I will be a guest on a travel radio show tomorrow morning, the Travel Queen Radio Show with Jane DeGrow. Jane sent me an email she received from a listener and said to me, “I guess it is time we covered the basics.” I agree, and so to prepare I printed pieces of the letter […]

Could They Make Flying Any More Uncomfortable?

Ever since “way back when” I’ve had a fear of flying. They have me as soon as we pull up to the airport. What were they thinking making me look at a large sign declaring “TERMINAL” ? It never got to the point that I would refuse to fly, but every time I have to fly […]

Will Cruise For Food – Do You?

This past week I met, and had a discussion with someone who’s never been on a cruise. When I meet a non-cruiser, and they find out I write about cruising they normally start asking questions. This case was different. This man told me he hasn’t been on a cruise because on cruises they force you […]

When Good Cruises Go Bad

Naturally, we get our share of people who write in to express some extreme dissatisfaction with a cruise they have just taken. Most of the time they are first-time cruisers, but not always. Sometimes they are very experienced. Obviously, we can tell the difference. The first-time cruiser will list things we already knew: the cabins […]