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Archive for September, 2009

Let’s Get Lei’d Five-0 – Book It Danno!

For the past 10 years we at CruiseMates have offered from 3 to 5 group cruises a year to help facilitate members of our community cruising together; getting to meet and make great memories together. Amongst our largest and most popular cruises in our group cruise program have been those which did Hawaiian Island itineraries, […]

Most Important Things To Bring on a Cruise

There’s all variety of packing lists available on the Internet, including on the CruiseMates web site. So, this is not a packing list. Rather it’s a conglomeration of things everyone should take with them, along with their packing lists. 1.- A Good Attitude is the absolutely most important thing one needs to take on their […]

Tuning Up Customer Service

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog stating cruiser’s needed to take more responsibility for themselves… particularly in regard to purchasing travel insurance to cover unforeseen problems. This week’s blog entry is somewhat the opposite of that; that’s the cruise lines taking responsibility for their actions as well. We do occasionally see people coming out […]

Is Oasis of the Seas Going To Ruin the Cruise Industry?

I may be the only writer in the cruise industry who isn’t salivating, in anticipation of the arrival or Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. I have little doubt that the excitement of the debut of the Oasis will receive unprecedented media coverage; filled with glowing adjectives about the never before seen innovations, and the truly remarkable […]

What is the Perfect Cruise?

What is is that attracts you to a specific cruise ship? Is it the itinerary, the decor, the crew, the memories? Is it an emotional bond on a deep and personal level. Or is it an intellectual decision based on researching different options and narrowing down your choices? For that matter, how much time do […]

No Insurance – No Sympathy

By Kuki. My Blog this week may seem to be written by a heartless SOB who can’t understand anyone’s pain or difficult circumstances, but I have to say it, even it’s difficult… Cruisers (and all  travelers) need to GROW UP! I just recently returned home to Canada from Scottsdale, Arizona, where I own a condominium. […]