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Archive for December, 2009

“Out With the Old, and In With the New”..Or?

With the end of year tomorrow, the title phrase of this blog will pass the lips of millions of people; A rather natural expression of sentiment, as looking to the future supplies us the hope for the future, that everything will get better. In regard to the cruise industry, that also somewhat holds true. The biggest […]

Happy Holidays and Happy Cruising!

In this, my last blog before Christmas, I want to wish everyone the very best for the holidays. My Blog last week talked about trends in the cruise industry for the next decade, and I think there’s plenty for cruise enthusiasts to be excited about in the coming year, let alone later down the road. […]

Cruising Trends for 2010

It wasn’t long ago… I remember quite clearly all the concern about what was going to happen cruise ships (and the world) with the worries of Y2K, and the chaos it would create. Now, a new decade is soon upon us, and if you take a look at the changes which occurred in the cruise […]

What’s The Right Length For Your Cruise?

It seems a very large number of first time cruisers take their first “dip in the pool” by booking a cruise that’s either 2,3,4 or 5 day cruises. They book the shorter cruises to “get their feet wet”; to give cruising a test drive. There’s a variety of reasons for doing so.     Like […]

What Is Fair Compensation When “Ship Happens”?

Last year the Norwegian Dawn lost all power in the midst of a cruise. They were able to restore minimal power and get the ship (and passengers) to San Juan, Puerto Rico to effect repairs, and fly their passengers back to Miami where the cruise was originally scheduled to disembark. They were also forced to […]