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I’m Often Asked If I Ever Get Tired of Cruising

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In the past 15 years I’ve sailed on about 54 or so cruises. Unlike many I haven’t actually kept track, and don’t have the brain cells or the will to back track to create a list. For 10 of those years I’ve been writing about those cruises for CruiseMates, so people’s perception is that I am an experienced cruiser. Because of that perception I do get a lot of people asking me questions about cruising, and my opinions about cruising. In this week’s blog I thought I’d address one of  the most frequently question I get asked.

I’m often asked if I don’t ever tire of cruising.

I do admit there was one cruise I was on where I wished the cruise was over before it was scheduled to end. That was a cruise on the Carnival Victory. I don’t remember the year. Understand, I’m a big fan of Carnival, and the product they deliver. However, on that cruise I felt they were badly missing the mark on delivery of that product, and in fact things seemed so askew at one point I actually thought I was being “punked”.

Aside from that one experience, I’ve truly enjoyed each and every cruise I’ve been on, on all the cruise lines I’ve sailed. Since my first cruise in Dec. ‘94 I’ve taken very few vacations that were not cruises. Though I had quite a bit of flexibility to travel because I owned my own business there were still some limitations, so I chose cruise travel as the primary way to spend my leisure time.

I’m now retired from my business endeavours, and my only job is writing for CruiseMates, so I have plenty of free time. With that situation in mind, I admit I have been thinking I should possibly look at expanding my horizons somewhat in regard to travel. I shockingly thought I should look at travel outside of cruising.

In fact I just recently spent a week in Phoenix, Arizona. My accommodation in Phoenix was an “outside room”, with no private balcony… and my view, in fact, was a large paved parking lot, rather than an ocean-view. I stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn. The only thing that came with my room was my room, and a coffee maker, and for that extreme pleasure a one week stay, with taxes, cost me $1687. This was in March, which is really the end of high season in Arizona for tourism.

My entertainment costs for the week – golf- cost me an additional $625. I was fortunate in that my sister and brother-in-law live there, and own an extra car that they loaned me, so my only transportation cost was $50 for gasoline for the week, and another $100 to take them out for dinner to say thank you…. Rather than paying for a car rental as well.

During the week I spent another $450 on meals, snacks and drinks… which would have been doubled if I had taken Mrs. Kuki with me.  The grand total for my seven days away came to approx. $2900! I didn’t enter airfare into the equation as I used Frequent Flyer Miles to get my ticket (as I often do for cruises as well ) That $2900 number sticks in my craw!

What would $2900 have bought me if I’d chosen to cruise?

It’s simple really… our next cruise, the CruiseMates Group Cruise on the Ruby Princess in October, sailing from Venice to Ft. Lauderdale – for 18 days – was at one time going for $1599 pp. for a cabin with a private balcony.

So, for an extra $300 both Mrs. Kuki and I could have an EIGHTEEN day vacation, including all the food we wanted to eat, and all the snacks we felt like shoving down our throats. And while we were at it, we’re able to travel on an amazing itinerary, visiting superb European ports of call, before relaxing as we cross the Atlantic Ocean.

One doesn’t have to be an Actuary to understand that math! Rather than encouraging me to venture forth into more land based vacations, my Arizona jaunt reaffirmed to me just how good the value is in cruise vacations. So…when I become tired of superior accommodations while I travel, combined with terrific service personnel, and almost unlimited dining choices with daily and nightly entertainment all included in the cost, you’d best just stick me in a facility for the mentally infirm, because I’d have to be nuts!

What about you folks— Do the frequent cruisers amongst you get tired of cruising, and look for other vacations? Have you found a vacation that you feel offers better value? Do you like to mix cruise vacations with other forms of vacation travel? Or (horror of horrors) do you prefer other types of vacations to cruising?

– A View From the Kuki Side of Cruising –

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Comment from Fireba11
Time April 22, 2009 at 12:57 am

Well, as a frequent cruiser since we discovered the joys of cruising in 2007 (4 cruises since then and one lined up for November) We have found that cruising is really an inexpensive way to spend our vacation dollars. We will continue to cruise but we would like to experience an All-inclusive resort in the Caribbean to see how it stacks up in value and fun compared to a cruise.

I guess we are different from most travelers because the DW and I drive truck all around the country and have seen pretty much all there is to see in the 48 continuous states. That being said we do plan to cruise to Alaska and Hawaii in the future so we can say that we have been to all 50 states.


Comment from Darlene (Ready2gonow)
Time April 22, 2009 at 1:35 pm

There are times that I think a vacation other than cruising may be nice. There is so much I want to see within the US. I don’t think I would like an all-inclusive. That being said, I still get VERY excited with each cruise I embark on. Since I keep booking cruises, nope I haven’t tired of it! And we have been averaging 2-3 cruises a year.

Comment from kennyg
Time April 22, 2009 at 2:06 pm

The fact that you also get to wake up in a different place every day makes cruising a tremendous value to me. The solitude of the sea also cannot be replicated on land! Cruising all the way!

Comment from Trackypup
Time April 22, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Cruising can be a great value and a great way of seeing a number of cities/islands. But for me, a ship doesn’t replace waking up in Provence or Tuscany and planning your day, local markets, wines, foods. Plus some of the cruiselines policies on wine etc. are driving me away.

Comment from bigapple
Time April 22, 2009 at 3:44 pm

Started cruising in Miami in the 50,s to Nassau and just completerd 49 day cruise arround SA on Carnival Splendor.For those active cruisers look at places you have never been to get the best out of cruising.Also use different lines to get a real comparison as each line has their own strong points.

Comment from Jaxon
Time April 22, 2009 at 8:43 pm

Fire — I have also wondered about trying an all inclusive land vacation. Friends just got back from one. Hubby and I figured the costs and decided we still made out better by doing a cruise. They are big drinkers, and we are not, so maybe it worked out better for them, financially; plus, we tend to get bored very easily, so just laying around in one spot might not work for us.

For several years, we did 2 cruises a year, but we have slowed down, buying a beach place accounts for some of that, but so does not wanting to repeat ports. I find that after a year, however, I’m feeling cruise deprivation. Some of the things I’ve yet to do — a European river cruise, a fall foliage cruise — I think could wait until I’m older, and slower.

Comment from Gordon
Time April 24, 2009 at 7:45 am

Cruising is my favorite vacation. BUT I didn’t take my first cruise until I had already traveled to 47 of the lower 48 United States. Among the not-reachable-by-cruise-ship wonders I saw on those trips are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Black Hills (Mt. Rushmore), the Rockies, Crater Lake, Lake Tahoe…. I think you get the point.

The longest vacation I ever took was six weeks by car from Atlanta to the Pacific Northwest and back. (OK, not totally vacation as I did some freelance work en route.) Was it more expensive than a cruise? Yes… and worth every penny.

In short, as great as cruising is, you’re missing out if it’s the only way you travel.

Comment from Linda (Mom of DJ)
Time April 24, 2009 at 8:58 am

I can honestly say the only time I did get tired of cruising was recently.

We completed 10 cruises in 12 months with the last cruise being the Blogger’s Cruise on the Fantasy.

And to be perfectly honest, by the time it came around….I was exhausted.

Add to that getting to meet 400 new people…I was overwhelmed.

We have decided that one cruise every 3 months is about right for us.

We leave on the Glory May 16th!


Comment from Michelle
Time April 25, 2009 at 8:35 am

I have only cruised once and my 2nd is planned for march 2010. I haven’t vacationed much in my life, usually trips to see and stay with family, oir a road trip to Maine and back (plus a 3-night windjammer cruise out of Portland) for my honeymoon in 1992. However, all it took was oine cruise to let me know that cruising was the only way I wanted to travel for most of the time in the future. I have a lot of the world that I’d like to see and cruising gives you the opportunity to do that. However, the land provides many opportunities to see unique things. I have been to the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls and they are must sees that fill the heart with the joy of creation and Earth’s magnificence in the Universe. I hope to be able to cruise every 2 years and then when I retire to Florida, at least once a year thereafter (1 long, 1 short).

Cruising is definitely the best value, and the easiest vacation.

Comment from Monica
Time September 8, 2009 at 6:59 am

My first cruise was 6 years ago and I have never stopped. I wanted to see the Caribbean and found a way to see it all in just a few years. It is the only way to go for me. Waking up every day in a new place, exciting shore excursions and great nightlife on the ship, I just never get bored. Clean rooms (no bugs), great food, great entertainment… Cruising permits you to see many different places all at once and you bring your hotel with you. What more could you want?

Comment from Mayang
Time February 10, 2012 at 3:53 pm

I am a fnureeqt reader of your blog posts. I liked the recent one on Group Cruising Secrets so much that I have subscribed to the blog’s RSS feed. This guide looks good, too.

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