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I Cruise, Therefore I Am

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For a variety of reasons I’ve been landlocked for about eight months. It hasn’t been that bad really, as I’ve spent some time golfing in Arizona, and lived through Kuki Jr’s bachelor party in Las Vegas, and then his wedding in the beautiful Okanogan Valley, in British Columbia, Canada. There’s certainly been some happiness and fun involved, yet I still find myself day dreaming about cruising, and reminiscing about past cruises, and anticipating my next opportunity to cruise.

There may be some telling signs that things have gone too far.

That’s not to say I’ve become obsessive, but…when a neighbor’s dog barks I think it’s the ship’s horn sounding. When there’s 7 short and one long I grab my life jacket and report to the front porch to wait for the all clear.

I’ve finally convinced Mrs. Kuki to do Noon announcements from the bridge (kitchen) giving our global position, and listing the afternoon activities available. Though I have to admit the lawn cutting contest, or the garbage bag toss haven’t really cut it for piquing my interest.

Now I’ve also got her posting the evening’s menu on the wall for me to peruse at my leisure… and of late I’ve been complaining bitterly about the cut backs demonstrated by the lack of selection, and reduced service.

We’ve designated Friday night’s as Formal Nights. Though, like the cruise lines, we’ve suspended enforcement of the dress code, so we can come to dinner wearing pretty much anything we please.

We mix things up a bit. Most evenings we use anytime dining, but if we’re dining with others, we have traditional assigned seating. I haven’t yet quite got Mrs. Kuki convinced to entertain between entrees and desert though.

If someone comes to our door in the morning I’m imagining it’s my room service breakfast order.

When we plan to go out these days, we refer to it as taking shore excursions. Mrs. Kuki suggested we take the bus more, so we could meet our fellow cruisers, but changed her mind after a couple of “cruisers” offered to share a swig of what was in their brown paper bags with her.

I do get a great kick out of inviting people over, and then hanging the Do Not Disturb sign on the door.

When I’m occasionally feeling frisky I send Mrs. Kuki a printed invitation to the Captain’s Welcome Aboard party.

What are your tell tale signs that it’s time to book a cruise?
– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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