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Happy Holidays and Happy Cruising!

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In this, my last blog before Christmas, I want to wish everyone the very best for the holidays.

My Blog last week talked about trends in the cruise industry for the next decade, and I think there’s plenty for cruise enthusiasts to be excited about in the coming year, let alone later down the road.

Though I do think the economy has begun a rebound, I think at least through the first half of 2010 we’re going to see some incredible bargains in cruising. There likely won’t be a better time, price wise, than during 2010, for people to give a luxury cruise line a try.

Until recently the choices for summer cruises in the Caribbean have been somewhat limited as cruise lines moved many of their ships to Europe and Alaska. But in 2010, there’s going to be a much wider variety of ships remaining in the Caribbean, and that should mean typically higher summer rates will drop, and those who are restricted to summer for their vacation time will benefit greatly.

This coming year there is going to more choice in embarkation ports within the United States than ever before as well. Millions of people will have access to sail on ships that are within driving distance of their homes, and save themselves the price, and aggravation of flying.

The coming year will also be a good one for the “new ship addicts”, as the recent surge in new builds continues. I’m personally eagerly anticipating the new NCL Epic, and their totally different “New Wave cabins”; a totally new and different cabin for cruise ships. I got to see mock ups of these cabins in 2008, and I think people are going to love the space age look and feel.

In 2010 we’ll also be continuing to offer several of our CruiseMates Group Cruises. These continue to be very popular for the incredible fun it is to meet and sail with members of our wonderful community at CruiseMates. In January we have the Snooze Cruise on the Carnival Conquest; and in Oct. the Chef Matt Sigel culinary cruise on the Norwegian Epic… and we’ll be adding several more choices shortly.

And CruiseMates will continue to work at offering the most current, and most informed cruise information available anywhere, and encourage discussions on all related topics in the friendliest, and most helpful forums on the Internet. We’ll continue to encourage respectful reporting, discussion, and debate on everything cruising.

From my family to yours — May we all enjoy good health, good times, and good cruising!

– A View From The Kuki Side of Cruising –

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