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Archive for February, 2010

There’s an APP For That; There’s Also a Cruise For That

Just as in the world of communications and technology the world of cruising has advanced in many ways over the last several years as well. There was a time, perhaps half a decade ago, that I began to think there were more similarities between cruise lines and ships than there were differences. That’s all changed […]

Tips on How To Keep Your Shipboard Account Lower Than The Annual Budget of Moldova

Several weeks ago in my Blog I talked about “Things That Cost Extra”. I thought I should follow up now with some realistic tips on how you can save money on those things. With the economy still struggling we all have to look at our budgets more carefully, and that includes our vacation budgets, even […]

Sailaway Sale of Savings of the Century

Can you believe  your luck? You’re getting ready to book your cruise and you find it just happens to be time for the “Sailaway Sale of Savings Lowest Prices of the Year or Ever Sale of the Century” with the lowest prices ever seen, plus reduced deposits, shipboard credits, discount coupon books, free upgrades, and […]

Warning: Reading Warning Labels May Cause Eye Strain

Tragically, recently a passenger on a Star Clipper’s ship was murdered (knifed to death) during the ship’s call on Antigua. As a reaction Star Clipper has cancelled future stops in Antigua, and possibly justifiably so However as I followed the reporting of this incident I’ve read several accounts where the upset passengers were blaming the […]