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Archive for April, 2010

You Should Interview A Travel Agent As If You Were Hiring An Employee

Let’s make it clear from the beginning; I believe EVERYONE who books a cruise should use a professional Cruise Travel Agent. Whether you are a first time cruiser, or a veteran cruiser (like me, who thinks you know all you need to know), your interests are going to be best served by doing so. With […]

Why Cruising Is Better Today Than In The “Good Old Days”?

People often the lament about what’s gone missing from the “good old days” of cruising. But do many of us even have an idea of what the “good old days” of cruising means, or when it was? In the “really” “good old days” cruise ships had little to do with cruising as we know it […]

Is The Worst Thing About Cruising The Passengers?

 At CruiseMates we have a message board titled Cruise Gripes; giving people a place to post and vent regarding issues they may have experience on their cruises. Over the years we’ve seen the “normal” run of complaints about cruise lines changing their itineraries without notice (and offering little or no compensation); issues with bad service; […]

Are Restrictive Pricing Policies The Path To The End of Cruise Travel Agents?

Last week Holland America joined the ranks of some cruise lines implementing a restrictive “flat pricing” policy for travel agents selling their cruises.   Travel agents are no longer allowed to advertise or sell cabins on Holland America cruises for less than the cruise line themselves sell them for, without prior consent from the cruise […]