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What Complaints Do You See That Make You Ask… What were they thinking?

If we really think about it, anyone over the age of six should realize nothing is perfect. Mrs. Kuki has stuck with me for almost 30 years, and she can most certainly attest to that fact (She actually refers to it as being stuck with me for almost 30 years; viewing it as some sort […]

What’s In a Name – The Dining Dilemma

by Jan Shaughnessy – In 1981 when I took my first cruise the dining options were simple.  The main dining room offered early or late dining for all meals.  The Lido deck buffet was open for breakfast and lunch only.  If you wanted 24-hour coffee you had to march way up to the Lido deck. […]

Four Favorite Cities In The World Visited By Cruise Ship

I’ve been fortunate and have more than 60 cruises “under my belt”, yet there’s many areas of the world I’ve yet to visit, that are on my “bucket list”. At the same time I’ve already visited some fabulous cities, and I’ve compiled my list of favorites here. #1 Istanbul, Turkey – Prior to my first […]

Royal Caribbean Website Woes: Trials & Tribulations Of A Frustrated Crown & Anchor Member

By Dave Beers (CruiseReviews Editor) — Let’s begin by saying the frustrated Crown & Anchor member is yours truly.  This article didn’t start out that way.  It was about a reader who had repeated problems with her cruise history vanishing from Royal Caribbean’s website, but her problem magically got fixed two days ago and somehow […]

A “Kuki” Look at the Conflicting Complications of Cruising

Cruising is known to be the one of the most easy and carefree forms of travel and vacation. It’s also one of the most complicated. Though those two sentences seem to contradict each other, both are true. In this week’s Blog my intent is to assist you in learning about the parts that make it […]

11 Years As A Cruise Writer; Who The Heck Hired This Guy?

This month marks 11 years since I was hired on as a writer for Over the years many people have asked how I ever got this gig. My honest response… good question! Anne Campbell and Paul Motter were just starting CruiseMates and I think they had a team brain blip, and asked me if […]

Are Airlines Price Gouging?

I remember when I used to love to fly – back in the day before the Government de-regulated the airlines.  People dressed nice for their flights, you received a hot meal, and you had leg room.   Fast forward to 2010.  I still actually love flying.  That is, the aspect of the flight itself. There’s something about […]

Did You Really Get A Cabin Upgrade?

By Dave Beers (CruiseReviews Editor) – So you just booked your first cruise and they are giving you a two category upgrade!  You got a great deal, right?  Well maybe not.  Indeed, it is likely you were lured by a lofty and largely meaningless sales gimmick. I have long been bothered by the misuse and […]

River Cruises Raising The Bar

River cruising is the fastest growing niche in travel.  Those looking for a slower pace from ocean cruising will find river cruising fits the bill.  You won’t find rock climbing walls, bowling alleys, Bingo, art auctions, or water slides on a river cruise.  But you will find intimate ships, cultural enrichment, attentive service, and gourmet […]

Has The Caribbean Cruise Lost Its Lustre For You?

Today’s version of cruising was built around the core idea of sailing through the Caribbean islands, enjoying great beaches combined with water activities, shopping, and possibly a bit of adventure. But, has that changed? One could easily argue that Caribbean cruises are still easily the core of the cruise industry, with more ships than ever […]