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Archive for September, 2010

What Recent Cruise Improvements Need to be Disapproved?

Recent history in the cruise industry has seen hundreds, if not thousands of articles written about all variety of innovations and improvements to the industry. In many cases one cruise line would take their chance with a new idea, and if the other cruise lines had even an inkling that the idea might be popular, […]

Norwegian Epic Already Making Changes

Norwegian Cruise Lines has surprised us with a few changes for Norwegian Epic announced well ahead of schedule. We applaud their nimble and responsive approach to what have been a few areas of complaints. Changes to Legends at Sea The first announced change is the new lineup for the Legends at Sea Concert, which is […]

It’s Not Wrong to Admit You’re Addicted to Cruising?

Somewhere along the line “that day” came for all us; when we were ready to stand in front of a mirror and admit that we are addicted to cruising. It used to be that we’d keep that addiction private, veiled by our everyday lives, and cloaked from even our closest friends. But times have changed, […]

Cruise News & Rumor Update

Among the various cruise news items this week, we also have a spate of rumors to talk about. Here’s the dirt… We already established that Norwegian Epic is raising the prices for entertainment. So far, the ship is only charging for shows that have a meal element to them, but the prices on the Cirque […]

Cruise West Goes Belly Up

If you  paid cash  for a future cruise booked with Cruise West you may be just out of luck when it comes to getting a refund. The line has notified the Federal Maritime Commission that all cruises scheduled to begin Sept. 18 or later are now cancelled. Oregon-based cruises on the Spirit of ’98 and Spirit […]

Are We Justified In Expecting Every Cruise To Be a Luxury Vacation?

The vast majority of people who go on cruises fill out their guest comment cards at the end of their cruise sending the cruise lines a message that they believe they received good or excellent value from their cruise vacation. So, why is it then that we also see such a large number of posts […]

Norwegian Epic “Un-Freestyle” Update

Last week I posted an article which discussed some shortcomings of the Norwegian Epic’s show venues and reservations system.  Shortly after it was posted NCL contacted me about some errors and omissions. I forgot to list the Howl At The Moon dueling piano show,  the Martini bar pianist, evening atrium band and movies, and also […]

Cruise Confucius Says

Confucius was a well known. ancient Chinese thinker, and philosopher. Over the years, no doubt we’ve all heard various “confuciusionisms”. But you’re less likely to have previously come across what Confucius said about cruising. So now I’ll enlighten you…   Confucius Say- Man found constantly standing at buffet going to get chewed out.   Confucius […]

Norwegian Epic – The Most “Un-Freestyle” Ship?

By David Beers [editor: CruiseReviews] – It’s been two months since Norwegian Epic debuted with the expected media fanfare. The ship sailed triumphantly into New York City to pick up the media and other guests – but the media cruise was limited to just two nights and one full day. All of the media activities were […]