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Archive for October, 2010

Are More Internet Savvy Cruisers Booking Direct; While Others Book With Travel Agents?

Over a decade ago, when I first began writing for CruiseMates, it seemed many of our visitors were using the site, and other cruise related web sites on the Internet, not just for content, but also for tips on how and where to find the best deals on cruises. And much of the much needed funding […]

Is Traditional Cruising Gone Forever?

There are still a few cruise lines offering the authentic “at sea” experience: assigned dining times, afternoon tea and mandatory dress codes. CruiseMates recently did an article to re-define cruising; “Defining Cruising 2.0,” which represents the new standards that have replaced the older traditions of cruising. Traditional sea voyages, as originally defined by the great […]

Readers Upset About Carnival Charging for Steaks in Restaurant

Okay – I’m going to say this right up front. This debate is nonsense. I don’t usually comment on other cruise web sites, but I just read an article from another site cruise which the editors deemed important enough to write up in a news format, “Readers Embroiled in For-Fee Steak Debate”. If you do […]