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Mrs. Kuki Hasn’t Been On A Cruise in Two Years

Recently, at dinner out with friends, Mrs. Kuki mentioned she hadn’t been on a cruise in two years, and commented that she was missing it.   It wasn’t at all surprising to hear that she misses it, as at one point we’d been cruising 4 to 6 times a year. It was however surprising to be reminded that […]

Royal Caribbean on a Roll

  11.25.2010 Alex from Madagascar wows the crowd in a Royal Caribbean parade.  Royal Caribbean on a Roll During the sailing of Allure of the Seas I had a chance to hear CEO Richard Fain speak about the current state of the company. “I can’t believe how well things are going,” he said. “We just […]

Safety Concerns; Cruise Passengers Should Be Aware

Earlier this month the Carnival Splendor suffered an engine room fire which somehow left the ship adrift and powerless, other than that supplied by the emergency generators onboard. From the passenger’s perspective it created pretty nasty conditions; with no hot food, no air conditioning, no elevator service, and, for a day and half, no functional […]

Has The TSA Crossed The Line?

[By David Beers – CruiseReviews Editor] By now everyone has heard various accounts of the new ‘enhanced’ pat-downs and advanced imaging technology (AIT) being used by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.   This is obviously a polarizing topic with lots of passion on both sides of the story. Let me begin with my opinion: I think […]

Carnival Splendor Lawsuits?

11.18.2010 Passengers emerge from Carnival Splendor in San Diego  Carnival Splendor Lawsuits? The question of whether there will be any lawsuits over the recent Carnival Splendor fire has come up several times. I have said that it would not surprise me, because anyone can sue for anything in the U.S. However, there are the reasons […]

Things You Can Do To Ensure A Smooth Cruise Vacation

Amazingly one can find many people who’ve booked a cruise and when asked don’t know what ship they are going on, or what ports of call they’ll be visiting. They may know the name of the cruise line, and when asked where they are going may be just as likely to simply say “the Caribbean”. […]

Fire At Sea – Every Sailors Worst Nightmare

Fire is the worst thing that can happen aboard a ship. The crew trains constantly for this event, hoping to never face a worst case scenario.

Does this Carnival Fire Mean Future Bargains?

11.11.2010 Carnival Splendor is a state of the art ship.  Does this Carnival Fire Mean Future Bargains?  It’s pretty rare that any cruise story makes the national news, and if it makes the screen crawls on the major cable news networks then it is really a big story. That is the status of the current […]

Seeing the Disney Dream

11.04.2010 Disney Dream takes your imagination on a cruise.  Seeing the Disney Dream I just returned from Papenburg, Germany, home of one of the oldest remaining full service shipyards in the world, Meyer-Werft. I was there with a small group of cruise journalists to witness the floatout of the brand new cruise ship, Disney Dream, […]

Do I Really Want Starbucks To Vacation With Me?

Last week Royal Caribbean (who’d already been doing with business with Starbucks via their Seattle’s Best coffee brand) announced that Starbucks would have a “store” on the soon to debut Allure of the Seas. Initially, it seems like a harmless enough idea; those who enjoy Starbucks coffee can buy it, and those who don’t can […]