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Things That Add to the Cost of Your Cruise

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You’ve received a quote on your cruise that you can live with, and fit into your budget, and you’re ready to book. But let’s stop for a minute and think about what your final dollar outlay might look like by the end of your cruise.
The first added cost you may run into has to do with the quote; what you think is the initial cost of the cruise.
– You have to know if the quote you received includes “non-commissionable fees” (which used to be called Port Fees & Government Taxes). Depending on the length of the cruise these fees can add more than a hundred dollars per person to the cost of your cruise ticket. Be SURE to ask for the total cost of the ticket when looking at quotes.
Aside from the cost of your ticket there can be a considerable stack of optional expenses that add to the final total, even on cruise lines that are classified as “all inclusive”, where drinks, gratuities, and sometimes even shore excursions are included. Even on those they still give you the chance to spend extra.
– Travel Insurance- though optional, realistically this should NOT be an option you say no to. Travel insurance is definitely something you “should not leave home without”; even more so than your American Express card. If purchased through a third party insurer (not the cruise line) good coverage can be had for just over $100 Per Person. Consider this a MUST expense. 


– Drinks –

This doesn’t simply reference alcoholic drinks, like hard liquor, beer, and wine, but also soda/pop, some juices, and bottled waters. Ships generally offer ice tea, tap water (which is as purified as bottled water, with the ships desalinization equipment), and perhaps a fruit punch, as well as a couple of juice choices in the morning. Coffee and hot tea are available for free, but many ships now have a specialty coffee bar, where the prices are similar to your coffee houses on land.

Since you’re on vacation, and in “relax mode” it is quite likely that you’ll imbibe in at least a few more alcoholic beverages than you would in your day to day life. And, depending on the length of your cruise, you could add some pretty significant dollars to your final total. Prices for alcoholic beverages vary somewhat from line to line, but you can expect to pay the equivalent sum you’d pay on land, in a cocktail lounge (without “happy hour” pricin

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