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Why Will It Be A CruiseMates Group Cruise of Epic Proportions?

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Combine The Blue Man Group, Cirque Productions, Legends in Concert, Second City Comedy Troupe, Celebrity Chef Matt Sigel, Halloween, Me… with all my CruiseMates friends, and what do you have?

A group cruise of unquestionably Epic proportions!

Over the 10 years CruiseMates has been in existence I’ve organized many, many group cruises to encourage members of our CruiseMates community to meet and cruise together. There’s something special and extraordinarily fun about that, and each of our group cruises have been exactly that.

But I can honestly say there’s never been any group cruise before that I have looked forward to more than our CruiseMates group cruise, sailing Oct. 30, 2010 on the soon to debut Norwegian Epic.

In March 2008 I was invited to visit the shipyard in France to watch the laying of the keel for Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest cruise ship, The Epic. At the time we were shown a mock-up of what NCL’s VP, Andy Stewart described as the “New Wave” cabins, which he told us would break the mold of the traditional cruise ship cabin.

Truth to be known, to date Norwegian Cruise Line has been the #1 innovator within the cruise industry. Norwegian (known as NCL) was the first cruise line to operate their own private island in the Bahamas. An innovation the other mass market cruise lines followed afterwards.

NCL later became the first in the industry to use “action stations”, rather than traditional buffet lines, for their Lido Deck buffets. Then, perhaps the largest innovation to date; the introduction of “Free Style Dining”, where passengers could dine when they wanted, and with whom they wanted. Now every single ship of their major competitors have followed in NCL’s footprints, and adopted some from of “Free Style Dining”.

It might strike you as odd that one of the smallest of the mass market cruise lines has in many ways been leading the way in so many areas, and emulated so much by it’s much larger competitors. That statement is about to become even more true when the Norwegian Epic debuts this coming July.

Aside from the first staterooms in the industry to be built specifically for single occupancy, complete with a lounge/living room for their occupants to share, which will undoubtedly create a more social atmosphere for singles, I am predicting that the entertainment on the NCL Epic will raise the bar so significantly from previous cruise ship entertainment, that it will change that very entertainment on all the cruise lines forever. The entertainment on the Epic will set a new standard for onboard entertainment, and will force the competition to race to try and get reorganized to be able to compete.

And now you have the opportunity to join me onboard the Epic to experience it’s inaugural Caribbean season, and experience all the innovations I’ve discussed above.

The Epic is a new class of ship for NCL, and as such, we’re giving the ship a couple of months to work out all the inevitable new ship glitches which appear when a new class of ship debuts.

We’ve just recently returned from the Seatrade- Cruise Shipping Conference in Miami, where we met with representatives of NCL at the highest level, and have begun to work on arrangements that will set up some very special events for our CruiseMates group. CruiseMates special guest, celebrity chef, Matt Sigel will be doing special presentations, and cooking only for those booked with the CruiseMates Epic Group. We’re also working on some special CruiseMates events within the context of participation with the various entertainers onboard.

This amazing ship is going to have 21 dining options onboard; 11 included in the fare and 10 that come with surcharges varying from $5-$25, including the first Brazilian-style Steak House at sea.

There are many articles on CruiseMates, published in the last week, that describe in depth the amenities we’re going to be enjoying. None will be more important than getting to enjoy this ship with your fellow CruiseMates community members, as well as several members of the CruiseMates staff, including myself, Paul Motter, our Editor in Chief, and Mike our most popular message board and techie stuff guru.

Don’t miss out on this very SPECIAL CruiseMates Event. Here’s contact info for the travel agent who is handling this group on our behalf. Call or email Nancy NOW.

nancy@planningcruises.comNancy S. Bogert, MCC900 Grampian Blvd
Williamsport, Pa 17701
Telephone: 570-323-0112
Toll-free: 1-800-561-0802
Fax: 570-323-0702

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Comment from Mike M
Time March 31, 2010 at 12:44 pm


I too am looking forward to this cruise. Not only will Betty and I be cruising on one of our favorite cruise lines, my sister will also be joining us.

It’s too bad that there are 21 restaurants. We won’t be able to try them all unless we did a tag-team effort. Perhaps some are open for lunch. I’m adding around $150 pp to the cruise budget to try as many as possible.

I really want to get a group together for the Brasilian churrascaria (steakhouse). This will be a carnivores paradise.

I’m also looking forward to a bowl or five of Cagney’s clam chowder. Good stuff!!!!

It’s going to be a fun cruise but I fear that I may need to be taken off with a forklift after eating so much.

Good times are coming!!

Comment from ANNIE
Time August 5, 2014 at 1:40 pm


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