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Onboard Nieuw Amsterdam- Emotional Bell Opening and On Deck for the Cure Walk Ceremonies

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This morning I witnessed one the most emotionally charged beginnings to the “On Deck for the Cure” walks I’ve seen on any ship.

On Deck for the Cure is a program done in conjunction with the Susan B. Komen for the Cure Foundation, to allow cruise passengers, who choose, to participate in raising funds to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

Today, Susan’ sister, Nancy Brinker, CEO of the foundation was on hand to participate.

Prior to the walk, the “Opening Bell Ceremony” was held pool-side. The tradition of the “Opening Bell” calls for the pouring of a glass of Champagne over the bell. Nancy Brinker began by walking to the bell, set by the pool, and pouring her glass over the bell. Stein Kruse then invited any Breast Cancer survivors present to do the same.

 The eyes of everyone present glassed over with tears, as a great number of women stepped forward to partake in the ceremony. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that so many, in a random crowd, have suffered this disease, but it caught me a bit off guard. Three was even one gentleman. Yes, Breast Cancer can affect men as well.

 The wonderful news, as Nancy Brinker explained, is that today 98% of Breast Cancer patients are survivors. With more support from the On Deck for the Cure, hopefully, soon that number will be 100%!

I have some touching video that will have to wait until I get home to upload, but here are some pictures for now…

I was honored to be able to participate in today’s ceremony, and walk On Deck for the Cure.

With all donations for the day added, the walk (with over 500 participants) raised $39,000!

Tomorrow morning I disembark from this short 4 night preview cruise, and will elaborate more when back on land.

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Time July 12, 2010 at 1:56 am

I hope it will up to 100% survivors.. Is there any way to help for the patient?..

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