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Archive for January, 2011

Royal Caribbean to Build More Ships???

Royal Caribbean said in its latest conference call that they are currently designing a new project ship that they will announce — when it is ready. Is this really news? Not really. Richard Fain was just repeating what the line has been saying for two years now and the fact that he said it in […]

The Changing Winds of Cruising

Not many things in life stay the same. Sometimes the changes delight us, and sometimes we regret the changes. The world of cruising has certainly changed quite dramatically. Should we be delighted or discouraged?   The industry was set in it’s current direction when it first moved from being ocean liner transport to a mode […]

You Know You’re a Cruiser When …

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy; along with some help from members of our CruiseMates message boards, I’ve created a “foxworthyesque” list of You Know You’re a Cruiser When… -You know you’re a cruiser when you own more Aloha shirts than Hilo Hattie – You know you’re a cruiser when you wear your Aloha shirts with […]

Complimentary Upgrades – The Good, The Bad, The Confusion

There’s been hundreds of industry experts offer their explanations and musings on the topic, as well as thousands of experiences and opinions posted on the cruise information web sites. I’ve previously published articles on the topic myself. But, I don’t believe anyone, including the cruise lines, have any accurate, real, explanation for when, who, why, […]

Recognizing A Luxury Cruise

While all cruise line’s advertising, at some time, will refer to themselves as a “luxury cruise”, it’s a simple process to determine, and recognize a true “luxury cruise” from all the other pretenders. – The number one criteria is price. Simply put; the higher the fare, the more luxury you’re going to find onboard. While […]