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Archive for February, 2011

Virtual Cruise – Sapphire Princess Feb. 26 – Mar. 12

We’re presently onboard the Sapphire Princess, sailing to the Hawaiian Islands. Follow along with our daily reporting and enjoy the cruise with us. Feel free to ask any questions during the sailing, and I’ll do my best to get answers. Failing that, I’ll make things up. – A View From The Kuki Side of […]

Not Even Close to Everything You Need to Know Before You Cruise

The time prior to going on your first cruise can be very intimidating. It can seem like there’s so much a person needs to know, and there’s seems to be an unlimited number of places to find the information. It can get to the point where you’ve sourced so much information, you lose track of […]

Carnival Splendor Returns to Service

On a gray day in the Long Beach Harbor, Gerry Cahill, president of Carnival Cruise Lines, calls a press conference to discuss the re-introduction of Carnival Splendor to the Mexican Riviera cruise market. Exactly what happened to this important ship last November that required almost four months of service in San Diego and San Francisco […]

Sapphire Princess & Crystal Symphony- Two Ships, One Itinerary

By happenstance, in ten days I begin a combination of journeys that should make for some interesting experiences and comparisons. Within a short time frame I’ll be cruising two different ships; both sailing identical 14 night itineraries from San Pedro, California to the Hawaiian Islands and returning to San Pedro. The first leg of the […]

Alternate Restaurants Onboard Are In Demand

Sometimes they are referred to as “specialty restaurants”; some refer to them as “alternate restaurants”. On some cruise lines, they are included in the cruise fare; on some there is an extra cost to dine in them; on some lines there are both free, and extra cost choices. What is certain is these dining venues […]

Minimizing Dress Codes – Is There A “New Formal”?

For some time now life has been on the move to becoming more casual. While it used to somewhat normal to run into the occasional restaurant that required all male customers wear at least a sports jacket and tie, those places have now practically disappeared. Many offices now have at least a “casual Friday”, and […]