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Archive for April, 2011

Crystal Virgin – It Could Be A Cruise Symphony

Sunday, April 24 I board the Crystal Symphony in Los Angeles, California to soak up 14 days of Crystal luxury, while sailing to the Hawaiian Islands, and returning to California. I am a Crystal Virgin (which I happen to think would be a good name for a rock band). Though I haven’t sailed Crystal Cruise […]

How To Contribute To The Success Of Your Cruise Vacation

Cruising is consistently given the highest satisfaction ratings of any vacation by consumer’s post vacation evaluations. Even considering that fact there are those who voice complaints about particular aspects of their cruise experience. Some of the most common complaints of late are…”nickel & diming” – where the claim is cruise lines are attempting to charge […]

First Cruise Basics – No Question Is Too Dumb

For many first time cruisers, after they’ve booked their first cruise they suffer more anxiety about their upcoming cruise, and worry more about what they don’t know about what awaits them than when they were deciding which cruise to take. I receive numerous emails from these first time cruisers asking all sorts of questions; many […]

Windstar Cruises in Chapter 11

Windstar Cruises is a well-known name in cruise circles, but one which has seen better times. Just last Friday the parent company to Windstar Cruises, Ambassador’s International, announced it is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection, which means a reorganization of its financial assets. The company will continue sailing on its announced itineraries, which can […]