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Archive for June, 2011

Don’t Smoke Em, If You Got Em

Last week, within days of each other, all the cruise lines under the Carnival Corporation umbrella announced new policies dramatically restricting where smoking will be allowed on their ships. These new policies are fairly similar to those in place already on Royal Caribbean International ships (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity). The Carnival Corporation ships have banned […]

Everything Used To Be Funny

We used to be funny. I can still remember the days when we had a pretty good sense of humor. We used to find humor in almost anything that happened, and could generally find a way to relate what it was we found funny about something that happened. Now, I’m on a quest to find […]

Are The Cruise Lines Using “The Politics of Fear” to Sell You Shore Excursions?

It wasn’t so long ago that the cruise lines didn’t have anything at all to do with selling passengers shore excursions. The sale of shore excursions to guests, and the “shopping talks“; recommending stores in ports of call were left entirely to the ship’s Cruise Directors. The revenue to be made from organizing and selling […]

I Missed My Ship! What Now?

You arranged a flight from your hometown to the port city where your cruise departs. According to the airline’s flight schedule, you had plenty of time to check into your cruise before the ship sailed. But due to circumstances beyond your control — weather, or mechanical issues with the airline — you miss the ship. […]

Cellular @ Sea Can Be A Rip Off @ Sea

In the techno world we live in, where for some strange reason everyone thinks they have to be available and connected no matter where they are; along with the phenomena of people feeling they have to notify all the people who know them (and those who don’t) with almost minute by minute updates on where […]

Radiance of the Seas in Dry Dock

I am in Seattle, having just arrived from Victoria, British Columbia, waiting for my flight home. I was just a part of a small press group who visited the Royal Caribbean ship, Radiance of the Seas, in the Victoria shipyard where it is undergoing an extensive renovation. First, the Radiance was put into a dry […]