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Archive for August, 2011

Carnival 1 – Royal Caribbean 0

As millions of people spent the past weekend preparing and then dealing with Hurricane Irene up and down the east coast of the United States, the impact  of Irene on cruising began earlier in the week in San Juan, Puerto Rico.   Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas, and Carnival Victory were docked pier side in Puerto […]

First Time Cruiser Mistakes

You would be amazed by the crazy questions I get about cruising – from people who are already booked on a cruise! I get a substantial amount of email from cruisers (and prospective cruisers) seeking answers to some mostly simple questions about cruising. For some reason I also get a lot of requests for employment on “my […]

Why The Cruise Lines Want You To Book Directly With Them

It would be easy enough to make this week’s Blog a one word answer to the question – Why The Cruise Lines Want You Book Directly With Them – Because if you do book directly with them, the cruise lines save the cost of the commissions they pay to Travel Agents (that can vary from 8% […]

How Cruise Ship Dining Has Changed

As early as a decade ago, when boarding a cruise ship, your choices for dining were early (main) seating in the dining room, or late seating in the dining room, for dinner, along with a self serve buffet line for breakfasts and lunches, a limited room service menu, and a “midnight” buffet. It was generally understood that […]

Things Cruise Experts Eventually Come To Realize

Those new to cruising, and even those with a few other cruises under their belts, often look to the Internet, searching through and sifting through cruise related web sites, looking for tidbits of information that they hope will make their next experience go more smoothly, and make them more enjoyable. There is indeed a wealth […]

Security Concerns Disappear When Passengers Are Willing to Pay A Fee?

Veteran, or even recent past cruisers, will remember when requests from guests for a tour of the ship’s Bridge were met with a grimaced face reply stating that Bridge tours were not allowed “due to security concerns. Suddenly now, it appears the decision makers at the cruise lines have decided those “security concerns” could be […]