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Archive for November, 2011

Why Cruising Is Best For a First Time Visitor To Europe

As we in North America are just coming into the winter season, one might not be thinking of a trip to Europe. However, if Europe is on your wish list, now is the time to begin planning. While a cruise might not be the initial mode of transport one envisions when thinking about a first […]

Holiday Cruises – The Reasons To Go & The Reasons Not To Go

This week is Thanksgiving in the United States; the first major holiday of the season. In my view it’s also the best U.S. holiday in that it’s all about being with family and friends.  It’s a non-demonational holiday which calls for no shopping  or gift giving. It only calls for everyone to give thanks for […]

The Changing Face of Cruise Ship Dining

During the last half decade the nature of cruise ship dining has changed. With the introduction of ship’s offering a variety of alternate dining venues the eating patterns of passengers has, not surprisingly changed. Yet, within those changing patterns there are a few areas that are somewhat surprising to me. The culinary experience used to […]

Things You Don’t Want To Say On A Ship

Converstion is probably one of the most popular activities on a ship. Everyone is on vacation, and the atmosphere is always very social. But, there are some things you don’t want to say on a ship. Here’s my top 10 list of what you shouldn’t say on a ship for fear of being ostrasized. 10 […]

Key West Says No to Bigger Cruise Ships

Key West has decided it has all of the cruise traffic it needs through 2020 – the conchs and the Cith Council have had enough. Some Caribbean destinations do whatever it takes to attract as many cruise ships as possible. St. Martin. an independent republic formerly of the Dutch Antilles, didn’t even have a cruise […]

Smart Phone Shore Excursions

I recently received a press release (posted below) that describes a very innovative way for people to tour a city they are visiting in what I think is a rather interesting, and inexpensive manner. It seems a brilliant solution for those who seek out a way to enjoy tours independant of organized excursions. Those who […]